Monday, January 28, 2013

Carla runs the ING Half Marathon - a race report, of sorts

So I didn't really take this race seriously.

I had always said I was running the race. I dabbled with the idea of running the full marathon but then I realized there wasn't really enough time for me to ramp up the mileage so I just said I'd run the half-marathon. But then I never actually registered. Oops.

Luckily my friend Ben had an extra bib from his wife Carla who wasn't running. So for the day I was Carla. It was all good. I didn't even have to go to the expo.

Digression - Big Kid Swim Meet
I spent the day before at my daughter's first swim meet. It was awesome. She didn't win or sweep the meet or anything but she got out there and did her swim thing. That takes a lot of courage.

All ready - sporting the parka to be warm in the cool air. Special thanks to my AWESOME sister-in-law who made sure we got the parka in time for the meet. I accidentally sent it to her house ... oops.
"Cheering" for his big sister swimming the 200 free. Also known as trying not to drop your banana in the pool. It was the first heat of the first event and she was in it. I'm not sure if that was good or not. I guess she didn't have too much time for her nerves to get the better of her was the good side. She's still pretty afraid of diving off the blocks but she did a great job (read: bellyflop).

The swimmer in front pretty bored because there were not any other girls to hang with meanwhile notice that the little brother who isn't even on the team  is totally hanging with the boys and their game machines.  

This is a video of my little swimmer doing her best in the 50 free. Since she had no times for anything she was in the first heat of everything she did. But the down side of that was that there were some seriously fast girls next to her in every race. She did give this her all in fact you can see she totally runs out of steam at the end and swims all crooked.

Now back to my race. 

OMG what an early day. The race starts at 6:15. Sheesh. So up at 4. Yes 4. Met my friends at 4:30 and we all went in one car to the start.
Here we are in the car. It's dark and also a terrible photo. Oh well.

Here is the group of us before the race.

My plan really was to just treat this as a training day so when I say I had no nerves at the start I mean it - I was just chilling and that was great. It was already 70 degrees at 6 am and really humid. There was a beautiful full moon.

This is where I ended up at the start. Since I don't take it seriously at this race the start is just annoying. If I was going for a time I'd be really annoyed.
Because it was such an early start I ate a luna bar for breakfast which I never do anymore instead of my regular oatmeal. No biggie but once I was all closed into the start coral I realized I needed to visit the port-o-pottie. Not gonna happen. So I stopped at the first one I saw on the route after the stop. Seriously 1/2 way up the macarthur Bridge. Hee hee. There were 2 people in front of me so I waited. It was a long time but I kept reminding myself - just a training day and I didn't stress at all. But I should have timed it just to know how much time I lost for fun.
I found my friend Tony along the way. That's why I keep doing this race. So many local folks run it - it's like a party.

The race was -- well the race. It's super crowded and not super well organized for such a big race. The organizers put all these little cones in the road to direct traffic and runners and it was stupid. The runners fell over them in the dark and then later in the day I saw the the signs were too low down for the cars to read them so they did no good. Oh well it's what I expect from this race. But it is nice to race close to home and to see so many friends along the way.

Here I am at the finish. 2:08 with the long potty stop. I was happy with that.

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