Thursday, January 3, 2013

False starts

I'm a speedy reader and normally I can read anything but I have recently tried two books that I just can't get through.

First I tried re-reading Life of Pi. I had actually read this years ago and forgotten it. But with the movie out and whatnot I figured I would re-read it. This is honestly the dumbest story I've ever tried to read. Apologies to anyone who loves it -  but seriously man in lifeboat with zebra, hyena and a seasick tiger? I dunno for some reasonI have an easier time accepting the fiction of a small hairy-toed person who lives in a tree and battles goblins (The Hobbit) than this. 

After giving up on that book I started reading on the Kindle: Wheatbelly. Let me summarize this book for you. Wheat is bad. Okay now you don't have to read it.

So the author of this book is severly Gluten intolerant and apparently a little bitter about his personal situation so it seems that he dove into researching the evils of wheat and gluten and wrote this book to make himself feel better about it by proving that nobody else should eat wheat either. I'm not saying he's wrong it's just that I found the book to have a very preachy and vindictive tone.

That being said I don't think it's a secret that if you want to lose weight cutting out bread and other cereal grains is one way to make that happen. In fact years ago when my husband was on the Atkins diet he was telling my mom about the diet. She's not known for giving health advice but she said oh that sounds like a diet I did when I was trying to lose weight after Amy (that's me) was born. So the whole cut out the bread idea ... not new.

Seriously, who approves these book ideas and where oh where are the editors to make them readable?

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