Monday, January 7, 2013

Today training gets a little more serious

I had a mini internal freak out regarding the impending Ironman in June this weekend.

Training Update
The freakout was because it feels to me like its right around the corner and I am afraid that all my base training is slipping away. It was mini because I kept it to myself (as in I did not yell at my hubby or kiddos) and because it went away.

My training group was not really riding together on Sunday and first I was trying to find others to ride with and I did but then my group got it's stuff together and decided to ride but only for two hours. I was concerned that 2 hours wouldn't be enough. So I ignored my children for about 20 minutes and looked up online training plans and saw that they start with 90 minute rides so I relaxed and went ahead and road with my group.

The ride was good. I had not forgotten how to ride my bike. I actually had a little bit of power. But it's good that I am getting back on track because I felt the ride in my legs yesterday and then this morning in the pool I ended with 300 kick with flippers and let's just say that there was a smidge of lactic acid in the old leggeroos. Which is to say - my legs felt like lead weights attached to my hips.

Today I did make it to masters swimming. The pool was set to long course - which I love but it made it a little tougher I think. Also I have a new swim coach so this was my first session with him. He's nice - a little more intense than the previous coach but it's all good. As this masters program grows there are more faster swimmers and I'm just telling myself it's good for me to swim with faster swimmers.  I plan to swim M-W-F mornings except if I take one of those days and swim in open water.

Funny things I've found lately that I just need to share:
The flu is going around. We haven't had it yet but we'll see. But here's a super funny letter to Nyquil. This chick is hysterical. I don't take NyQuil anymore because once in high school when I was trying to survive a cold I somehow passed out asleep in the hallway between my bedroom and the bathroom  in a NyQuil induced coma. I have no memory of how I got there.  It's funny - read it.

And more related to triathlon this video is cute.

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