Monday, February 25, 2013

17 weeks and counting

This week one of my mommy friends asked me how training was going. I said fine. She said, "It's getting close, right?" I said, "yes." She asked, "are you nervous?" I said, "yes."

I am nervous but I'm trying to just stick to the workouts and trust that if I do all the training I'll make it through the race.

This week I missed a swim workout. I was scheduled to swim Monday but I was driving back from Orlando. So that was scratched. I planned to do it Friday when I had a rest day  but as luck would have it my masters coach overslept Friday so there was no practice. I'm not going to stress too much about it.

I did get 10 and a half hours of training done and I chaperoned a kindergarten field trip which seriously should count as a workout. So, I'm happy with that.

This is Gaby and me at the end of the ride. Notice how my helmet matches my Rev3 jersey ... I'm accidentally coordinated.
This week we did our long ride on Saturday because coach had a 1st birthday to attend on Sunday. Works for me.  I had an extra half hour on my ride scheduled than the rest of the group so Gabe rode that extra 30 with me. Sadly on the way back he got cramps which was a bummer but I felt good the whole way back. I feel like I am making progress on the bike so that's good.

Now the long run Sunday. That S-t-u-n-k. My legs felt like they were filled with cement and my hip flexors felt really sore. They may have actually been spasming. It did not feel good at all. This is after a 60 mile ride and with a full day of rest. I'm not exaggerating when I say I was slogging along with 12 minute miles. My heart rate was low but I just could not get my legs to go any faster.

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot what have I gotten myself into?

In other news we've hit a new threshold in how much Amy can eat. Tuesday I did a broken brick. I biked before the kids went to school. On the trainer in the garage for 60 minutes or so. Then ate breakfast and took the kids to school. Then came home and did my 30 minute run. During the 30 minute run I was fantasizing about fried rice.

I know... completely random, right?

So, I did what any other Ironman training housewife would do. I made fried rice when I got home and I ate it. I had left over white rice in the fridge so it wasn't that complicated - don't be too impressed with my culinary prowess. I called it an early lunch ... at 10:30. What can I say, I was hungry.

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