Wednesday, February 20, 2013

18 weeks - the late update

I should never declare that I will try to post on certain days because it's just a way of making sure I'll never be able to do that. Hence this is the post that I should have done Monday.

In truth I was driving home from Orlando Monday so it wasn't gonna happen. Anyway - this week marks 18 weeks to go.

To get some hill practice we headed to Clermont Florida this weekend. It just so happened to be the coldest weekend of the year. So the training didn't go exactly as planned.
Here we are ready to swim. It was pretty cold out still but we did it. Only about a half mile. Still we get brave points for not wussing out. We are in Florida after all. Winter is only 5 days long.

The schedule was - Olympic distance brick Saturday. Long ride Sunday. The Olympic brick worked out fine. The Long ride Sunday was only 20 minutes long. It was only 38 degrees and apparently with wind chill it was in the 20s and at about 15 minutes we called it a day and didn't ride.

This is my coach Sunday morning. The face mask was key. Also the heavy gloves are super important. It was my face and my fingers that were freezing right away. 
So we didn't do so many huge hills as it turns out. 520 feet of climbing. I only have to add about 6000 feet and it would be just like France. Okay - next trip. On the good news front my top speed was 30.6 and this is important because last year in April I went and did do the big hills and my top speed was 32. So I'm not braking (as much).

I also made a new friend. David who is racing Ironman France. That's good because I'll know somebody on the start line. He is much more ready than I am and to be honest he and I spoke about how I really might not make the finish which is true but I'm going to do my best to make it. He tried to scare me that I only had 15 hours but we checked and I have 16 hours so that's good.

Other good news included that I actually got a compliment from the swim coach Andrew. I am the only non-swimmer in the group which means I am the slowest by a lot. But last Wednesday he said, "your freestyle is looking good, very smooth." I did a mental fist-pump and proceeded to skip the Friday practice because it was the day after Valentine's day and seriously who can get up at 5 am after a late dinner? Not this girl that's for sure.

So last week in a recap I swam 6600 yards (go me!), about 6 hours on the bike and ran about 14 miles. My record keeping was a little off for the biking and running because I was so in a fog after the worlds hardest bike training session Thursday that I left my watch recording all afternoon. Oops.

In other cuteness - the reason we headed to Orlando / Clermont was for my biggest sprout's Gymnastics competition. She did very well. 7th in her age group and here she is showing off all her Blue Ribbons!
She's so proud! And of course I'm super proud of her!


  1. I am rooting for you for your race! I got shut out (read: did not sign up before race sold out) of my two 70.3's this year. So, I decided to do Cycle to the Sun. I'm nuts. 10,023ft of climbing over 36 miles. But I'm going to finish - and you are too!

  2. That sounds like something I would do. Now 10k of climbing in 36 miles is much more than I'm doing. Wow! Are you training by riding hill repeats up and down the volcano? You can do it!We'll cheer each other on. Weirdly I just learned that the old IM Canada course is maybe as much climbing as France and I know several people who have done that one so I feel better. It's dumb because it's not related at all. What others can do isn't tied to what I can do so why would I feel better? But I do, so I'm going with it.