Monday, February 11, 2013

Countdown to Ironman France - 19 weeks

For months and months I've done my countdowns on Thursdays and for all of these months it has been confusing to me.

Since it's my blog ... and I'm in charge here! I'm changing that to Monday because it's best for me to keep things simple.

And so there. 19 weeks to go starting today. EEEEK.

Last week by the numbers
Total training time 13.3 training hours.
6150 yards in the pool
22 miles run
6.5 hours on the bike.

Saturday was my rest day and let me assure you I was tired. What's important about that is that this is not a peak week yet. Nope, no such luck there.

Keeping my eye on the "ball"
Okay the "ball" here is the race in 19 weeks. The key is to stay on task and not lose my focus. Plus not get burned out. How am I going to do that?
  • I'm going to try to stay relaxed. Just do the workouts one day at a time.
  • I'm going to try to  plan ahead for key weeks / weekends.   
  • Surround myself with positive people who are helping me get to my goal.
  • I'm not going to compare myself or my workouts to others around me.  A lot of people I know did a century ride this weekend. I didn't. I thought I might but it wasn't on the plan so I didn't. There will be plenty to come.
  • Lastly, find others training for even nuttier things than myself always makes me feel better. Currently one person I know is training for Furnace Creek 508. Look it up. It's nutty. This weekend he'll be completing 300 miles on the bike in 24 consecutive hours to qualify for that race. See ... just knowing that's out there makes me feel more sane.

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