Friday, February 8, 2013

Triathlon Training Thursday on Friday - Countdown to Ironman France 20 weeks

20 weeks to go. This is the 20th week. I'm going to move the countdown update to Monday's because that's when I start my training week. So Monday we start 19 weeks to go. I figured it out earlier this week and there was a wee bit of freak out.

Why a freak out.? Well because a marathon training program is 16-20 weeks. Ironman is much bigger than a marathon so it shocked me a little bit that there were only 20 weeks to go.

But I think I'm at peace with it now. I mean I only had one sleepless night this week and that was because of interuptions not stress. And also I figured out that if I had to run a marathon today I could do it. Logically, speaking that shows me that it's not like I'm at day one of a marathon program.  I'm confident I could run a nice 70.3 at this point. I'm not sure how a full 140.6 would feel. I might make it on an easy course but I'm not sure. If I did it wouldn't be pleasant. I honestly have mental conversations with myself like this ... it's a little bizarre.

Earlier this week I had a few hours where I thought I was without a coach. It was a little stressful -I'm not gonna lie.

I know many athletes coach themselves with great success. But I'm not that girl. I rely on my coach. I trust my coach. He says run - I run. I could tell myself to run and I'd run. Until something came up and then I'd skip it and be under trained on race day. I'm less likely to do this when somebody else tells me to run. And he says run faster and I do. If I tell myself to run faster I wimp out. This is a personality flaw but I know it about myself and so I have a coach.

So coach's personal life was getting pretty intense and I knew that. And the workouts weren't always there the week before and it was stressing me out. I started shopping for a new replacement coach and I was anxious very anxious because unlike a marathon or now even a 70.3 I'm not entirely sure I could get ready for this race on my own.  Getting to know a new coach was a stress I wasn't interested in at the moment.

Luckily, he's back in the game and as a plus I've lined up my back up plan. Folks to ride with if needed and schedules to follow. All is good. But to be honest when I heard he was back on my side I was very relieved. It's hard to explain but I know he can get people through a full Ironman. He coached a person to the finish line of my exact race last year and that gives me a sense of peace. If I do what he says when he says I will be okay. That's worth a lot because I can stress myself out all by myself on a bunch of other things, like jet lag. :-)

Eat - workout - eat - workout 
I haven't entered into the intense period of training yet. Oh dear. But yet for the end of this week I seriously felt like what I did was eat- workout - eat, workout and then shower. That's all. They were both 2 workout days. Good thing tomorrow is a rest day.

And now I'm very tired so I'm going to bed.

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