Monday, March 11, 2013

15 weeks to go - Recovery's over - back to the build

Another busy weekend at my house. Newsflash - they are all busy and not because of never ending training sessions.

But it was  a recovery week and so the training sessions were smaller which was really nice.

In fact although I only actually missed one workout and still trained 7 hours last week I really felt like I did nothing. My how our perceptions adjust themselves.
My son's self-portrait during his sisters competition. He's a funny guy and notice the missing bottom tooth. big news in our house!

My daughter was sick at the beginning of the week. So I was light on child care and missed 2 swims. But I did swim Friday. I did my bike workout Tuesday but cancelled my super tough training session Thursday because after 3 days home I needed to run errands like a mad housewife or the family would have starved. And I did the track workout Thursday.
all alone on the bike. Pretty morning. Chilly temperature.

The weekend I did my training solo. Because they were short sessions and by flipping them I could make both my son's soccer game and avoid a truly convoluted commute to get to my daughters gymnastics competition. So it all worked out well. And here's a bonus. My top speed on the bike Saturday 26.1. That's not the fastest anybody can go but I was alone... yup I'm a baddass. Actually I'm not but I am proud of myself for hitting that teeny tiny instant of speed.

In other news though I totally messed up my hydration - nutrition on the bike. It was only 2 hours so I decided to try water and GU chomps. As it turns out the GU chomps are annoying on the bike because I can't get them out of the bag. It turned out I could only do that at stops.  Then I have to chew them which interferes with breathing on cold mornings when the nose is full of snot caused by the cold weather. So I didn't eat very many. And it was cool temperature outside so I didn't drink enough water and while I didn't bonk or anything I didn't feel awesome during the day after. I was sooooooooooo thirsty all day. Live and learn.
That's my kiddo standing behind the number 9! She did really well especially since she hadn't practiced all week due to her cold.

Last tidbit of the week. I stepped on a tennis ball playing tennis on Wednesday. Rolled ye old ankle a little bit. It's not bad but it's tender and it's moved up my whole leg so there's lots of stretching and icing and other fun things happening. I feel lucky actually that it isn't a bad sprain. I'm considering taking a break from tennis to avoid injuries but I'd feel bad for my other tennis ladies. So I have to make a plan.

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  1. TENNIS????!! hahaha forget the IM, tennis while IM training is . . . brave! I'd be so worried about wrenching something . . . but i'm a crap tennis player so there you go.

    Congrats to both kids on their achievements they're cutie patooties.