Friday, March 1, 2013

A little bit of fast-ish swimming

I'm not a fast swimmer. This is fact.

But in the hope to not drown in the Medeteranean Sea in June (or anywhere else at any time actually) I swim with a masters group. Some of the folks there are very fast. Most of them were swimmers in high school and college especially the early in the morning group.  The afternoon group has swimmers and also a set of triathletes and just lap swimmers too.

Wednesday the main set included something coach Andrew calls an "elimination set." 25, 50, 75, 100 all on :20 per 25. When you don't make the interval you just swim easy until the others have finished.

We did this a few weeks ago and I didn't even make the first 25 with my fins on. Or maybe I did but it doesn't count with fins either way. But Wednesday I did make the first 25 in 18 seconds with no fins. Woot-Woot! We did the main set twice and both times I made the 25 cut off but then not the 50. I am the only one to be eliminated after the 25 but others get dropped along the way too. I think only 2-3 guys made the full group.

I did not make the next 50. In fact it amazed me how totally out of gas swimming that fast 25 made me. But I was proud of my limited speedy improvement.

So just for kicks when I got home I pulled out the program from my daughters first swim meet. In there they have a sheet of "motivational times" where they list the times by age in categories like AAAA, and all the way through B minimum which was the slowest they list. So in the 10 and under age group for 50 free the B Minimum is 39:49 so if I was able to hold my pace for the 50 (which I can't) I would make only the B minimum for 10 and under.

Humbling ... yes.

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