Monday, March 18, 2013

Race Preview Hits Ocala 70.3 (oh and 14 weeks till Ironman France)

14 weeks and counting. Just under 100 days to go until Ironman France. Training is progressing. Nothing major to report in training except I did buy a different bike that I intend to take to France. That will get its own post later.

This week is my first race of the season Hits Ocala 70.3.

The timing of this race isn't perfect but it was the only 70.3 I could find to do before June. The bigger more popular race Haines City Ironman 70.3 is on the weekend of my daughters May Gymnastics competition - again. So it's not a surprise this year. But it's still a conflict. I briefly considered racing San Juan 70.3 which was actually yesterday but it would have been much more expensive so I picked Ocala.

So off to Ocala I go.

About the race
Hits is obviously not Ironman. But I don't really care if a race is an Ironman event so that's okay with me. It's a smaller race with an estimated 500 participants in the half-iron distance. I think that's about what we had for Rev 3 and that was great. So I'm excited.

It's a standard distance 1.2 miles in a lake - 56 miles on country roads and 13.1 miles in the park. I think some of the run is on trails and I'm not a trail runner so we'll see what that means and how I do. 

Also new to me there will be a full distance 140.6 race happening at the same time I'm racing. I have no idea what that will mean to me if anything.

This race is totally not my focus of my training. That would be the bigger race later in the summer. So I'm really trying to think of it as a supported training day. But it will be a good feeler for how the training is going so far I think.

I've done 2 other 70.3s. The first was Motivation Man the results were (s1:06,b3:01,r2:49) 6:54. I'd like to beat that hopefully by a lot. The second was Rev3 Venice (my only duathlon by the way). The swim was cancelled due to rough surf. The results were (b3:12, r2:10) 5:26. This also goes down as the hardest bike ride I've ever done in my life from the high winds. It was crazy. But I'm a better rider for having done it. And I had a cold. So I'm proud of that result - very proud actually.

What are my goals.
Swim -My goal is to have a strong swim. I've been doing more swimming now than any other time in my training - I think. So I'd really like to have a strong swim. A strong swim for me is one where I feel good - no panic and feel strong coming out of the water. This will be a wetsuit swim in a freshwater lake. I would like to finish in less than 40 minutes.

Transition1 - it takes me forever to get out of my wetsuit. I'm a spaz. This will be good practice for that. Because I'll do it again in France.

Bike - The Motivation Man bike course was at least 2 miles short. There is apparently 700 feet of climbing in this race. I hope that's fun. I would like to do 3 hours if all things go well.

Transition2 - do not forget my watch. This is my goal.

Run - I'd like to see 2:10-2:15.

That would give me a 6:03 race anything else is gravy. Of course I'd love to officially come close to 5:30 but I don't know if this is the race to do that. We'll see.

Other Details
Other details prepping for the race. I'll be riding the Shiv with the Reynolds wheels. I'll be debuting the Aero helmet that was supposed to debut at Rev3 but I was too much of a chicken.

I will be drinking Infinit on the bike and water and plain gu on the run. I will not be carrying a fuel belt most likely because it annoys the crap out of me.

The wildcard is always the weather. It currently shows rain from now until race day. I've never actually raced in rain. If I race in the rain there will be a new goal - NOT CRASHING the bike. That will be the only goal :-)

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