Friday, April 5, 2013

Nautica 2013 Race Preview - Olympic Course or International or whatever they call it

Training for an Ironman (did I mention I'm training for an Ironman ... of course I did) is kind of like having a baby.  In one way. One small silly way. Everybody you will meet will give you advice if they know that you are training for an Ironman.

Too funny!

Like becoming a parent the only ways to protect yourself from this is to hide it from people and then to ignore all the helpful advice once you can't hide it anymore. Just like parenthood it does become a little bit hard to hide that you are training for an Ironman.
I hope this is magic marker :-)

Anywhoo the point is that yesterday my bike trainer told me that he didn't think I should do this race because it isn't really part of building to Ironman France.

He may be right. But I'm ignoring him for 2 reasons. First, I love this race. Second ... wait this one is going to take it's own paragraph.

Second, there is a fine line between sacrificing too much and sacrificing just enough as you train for an Ironman. I want to make it my number one goal but I don't want to feel like I have to stop living to make it happen. Ironman training/racing needs to be a part of my life not take over my life. This is why I started at 5 am last week and came up short so I could still go to tennis rather than say (yet again) "I'm sorry. I can't. I'm training for an Ironman."So there you have it. It's one day during a recovery week. I don't really think it can hurt me. (Although shhh don't tell anyone I am thinking St. A's might not be a good idea). But the more race swim experience I can squeeze in the better, in my opinion.

So, Nautica is a popular race. Almost everyone races it. And it's in South Beach ... in my opinion it really is the best race South Florida has to offer. It's the only one where you swim in the Atlantic Ocean. How is it possible that we only have one race on our most famous beach you ask ... I have no idea. If it were up to me all the races would be on South Beach.

All the cool (read: impatient) kids do the long course. Because otherwise you have to hang out and wait for the long course to finish the swim before you can start. But the long course starts with the sunrise on South Beach. It's pretty stinking fantastic.  Then you ride around downtown and over the bridges (the bike is just the bike nothing fancy) And then you run on the boardwalk and finish on the beach. Then you hang out in the baking crazy hot sun getting a sunburn and watching your friends pick up their awards. It's a good morning.

So my goals for this race are: to have a good swim, have fun, not get a sunburn, hope for a less humiliating race photo, and (this one goes without saying) try to beat last years time which (for the record) was 3:05:19.

I will be wearing my wetsuit. So with any luck the swim will be awesome. I have learned that apparently this swim is always against the current. So I'm not expecting a 30 minute swim like I was last year. Although if I can do 37 in a lake with a panic attack at 1.2 miles I'm thinking last years 40 minutes should be beatable. I also don't remember where the timing mat is and if the race split includes some running up the beach. It is a longish run up the beach through the sand to T1.  Last year was flat as a lake so I'm hoping for that again.

I will then ride the speedy Shiv and I am definitely a faster biker than I was this time last year so that should yield some results.

Now last year somehow I ran a 57:23 at this race. That seems pretty quick for a slowpoke like me ... so to beat that I'm going to try for sub 9:30 miles aaaand we'll see what happens :-) Step one to achieving this goal (do not forget the watch on the bike) step 2 one foot in front of the other ... and a little faster now, repeat.

That's it. Wait for race photos to appear magically with the race report next week.

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