Thursday, April 18, 2013

Okay ... the Boston Post

I wrote another much longer post but I scrapped it because it was lots of the same things that other bloggers had been saying and basically they were doing much better. But I do have stuff to say ... darnit!

I've never run the Boston Marathon. Not quite fast enough, yet. But the qualifying time has been on my goal list for years. 3:45 (in case your curious).

Needless to say I was struck silent Monday by this tragedy. There are bad, bad people in the world. I've known that since I was a kid. And it's still true today.

Like everybody I tried to make sense of it in my head. But then of course I realized it doesn't make any sense - it never will. 

Luckily only one person I knew who was there was hurt (a relative of a friend actually) and she will be fine. She is pretty seriously injured but she will recover.

I mourned by drinking a Sam Adams (Boston Lager) with dinner, changing my Facebook profile picture to a memorial ribbon, and then the next day I wore a race shirt and went shoe shopping. Flip flops not even running shoes (I am a girl after all retail therapy is important). And of course, I was glued to the news that first day. After that I have been trying not to really watch it because it's too upsetting.

I am either blessed with a can do attitude or I am a moron because the fact that things like this (epic, unpredictable, tragic, disasters) happen doesn't usually make me think I should modify my life. In my opinion, crazy people are going to do crazy things.  While I don't want to be a stupid-head. My thought is that since I can't guess what these disasters are going to be or where they will happen or anything about them really what good is me changing my life going to do except make me unhappy?
My husband actually did suggest over dinner that perhaps avoiding large races would be smart and I shared with him my opinion from above and he actually agreed. We'll see if he wants to hang out at any finish lines in the future. It goes without saying that I think my mother-in-law has retired from spectating for me and that's okay because everybody has to make their own decisions.

So, I'll continue to run and hope for my BQ to come soon so that I can toe the line in beantown myself.

Anywhoo - I hope they catch the looney SOB or SOBs who did this and I have my own thoughts of what should happen to them. But I'll keep them to myself because they are very mean spirited and not nice at all.

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