Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Welcome to the paincave :-)

I love recovery weeks. This week is a recovery week so I have some extra time on my hands. That's why there are so many posts ... I have a chance to put my thoughts down on the blog.

I'm spending plenty of time on my bike trainer these days. So I thought I'd show you what that means for anybody who might be curious.

I have my trainer set up in my garage. I tend to do my trainer workouts early in the morning so part of the key to success is in getting everything set up the night before. Today was a quick 30 minute spin so I didn't go overboard but I did set out my clothes and stuff.  Another quick note - I use a separate wheel for my trainer sessions. I bought a cheap wheel at the bike shop with an inexpensive cassette and a trainer tire. This way I just change the wheel on the days that I ride the trainer.
Next to the bike is my table of "stuff" I actually drink my morning coffee on the trainer on recovery days. The other bottle is water :-)

Here is my fan. A fan is important on the bike trainer. My garage is not air conditioned so it can get pretty steamy.

You can tell this was an easy peasy workout because I'm wearing a shirt.:-) Oh and my hair is relatively dry. Admit it you wish you had a beautiful huge forehead like me.

I use a cycleops trainer. I bought it used from a friend.

This is my view on the trainer. So exciting, right? Maybe that's why I took pictures today to occupy my time?
And lastly:
That's my son sitting on a skateboard watching me on the trainer. He left when I told him I had 15 minutes left. Apparently watching me on the trainer is even less exciting than me riding the trainer. Ha!


  1. sorry where is the screen with the kardashians/headbanger bands/tour de france derrieres? no visuals except for the totally cute kiddo?

    1. Usually I have my iPad with me to watch something, anything to distract me from the boredom. But today was such a short spin I just had music.