Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Worst Race Photo Taker - Me!

So, I'm not terribly photogenic but for some reason I never, ever, ever look good in race photos.

For years I have blamed this on the craptastic talents of race photographers. But I am beginning to think it's just me. You can decide.

Here's a photo taken the day before - see I look normal, right?
Again goofy pose but still I look like a regular person. Notice I remembered to follow the rule that you "must" wear another race's shirt to packet pick up of any race, anywhere. This is a pretty good look at the famous HITS transition area. It is pretty great. I sat on my stool morning of to put on my wetsuit.

This photo is hysterical. When I first saw it I couldn't remember why my glasses were like that. Seriously how funny is that. I look like I'm some sort of deranged biking professor giving the photographer a stare down over my glasses. But now I do remember the glasses were wet from the rain and I couldn't see through them yet. So I have them on but pulled down to look over the top until they dried in the wind. Making for ... the most bizarre biking photo ever. Certainly not the cool aero position bike photo ever.

Okay so what's happening here? Why do I always look so bizarre? The only good thing in this photo is that my leg muscles look pretty awesomely strong. 
And here I look like I'm power walking. What's up with that. I could have been walking actually but I think I would have been making less of a "poopie" face. I am pretty sure these are the least flattering tri shorts ever designed. (sigh).

Okay so apologies to the photographer for stealing these craptastic photos from your website. But actually I'm not sorry. I'm sure others will buy photos - but not me and it's not really about your talent.  Well maybe some is. As someone who used to make a living selling photos I actually do buy race photos. So should you stumble onto my blog and want to give me a hard time about not buying them here are some tips. 1. In the bike photos - show some more of the bike. 2. Don't cut off the feet of runners. This is actually photo 101 (I'm not kidding - this is something taught in photography lessons) either make it a close up or show the whole body.  Definitely not the mid-foot ankle chop you did here. In other news good work on tagging all the photos with bib numbers that must have taken forever. Its a hard job race photos because there's like zero money in it and long hours. I get it - thanks for putting in the time.

New goal for Nautica try to look a little cuter in the race photos :-)


  1. bikefocals!

    the funny thing is, in fifteen years' time you'll look at the run photos and think 'look at that hottie!' -- meaning you look great.

    1. Bikefocals! That's fantastic. I'm totally going with that term.

  2. That bike picture is hilarious!

    You used to always be waving in your race pictures. Are you still looking for the photographers?

    1. I didn't see either of these guys...I would have smiled on the run for sure. I will be on the lookout at Nautica for sure.

    2. It is really funny. I love it for that.