Monday, June 17, 2013

Six days until Ironman France

Six days. That's not very many. Let's all hope I'm actually ready for this thing :-0

I feel pretty calm. I mean I did just get a massage but even before that I felt pretty calm.

Last week was a week for getting myself out of my comfort zone. I was out of town. In Orlando for my daughter's national gymnastics competition. She did very well thank you for asking. She had a great time performed well and enjoyed the whole thing. Plus she got a new sparkly leotard that she just absolutely loves.
gold ... and sparkly. She loves this leotard it is totally her style. She would wear it every day. Isn't she the cutest!

Before we went to Orlando I was stressed. I mean I had these workouts to do and I wasn't going to be where I could do them like I normally do. It's an Ironman ... even in taper I didn't want to skip any workouts.

I did some looking and I found Lucky's Lake. This is the best and craziest thing I've ever found. It's a guy (Lucky) who lives on a lake who opens his house and his lake up to lots of total strangers every day ... for free ... to swim in his lake. It turns out it was almost exactly a 3 minute drive from my hotel. Seriously could this get any better? I pull up and there are about 20 other people arriving everyone was very nice. This is not some just willy nilly thing he's put buoys to guide you accrosst the lake. And he's conned one of his neighbors into putting a large light on their dock across the way for us to aim for and that person also lets all these strangers hang out near their dock if they want to rest before heading back across. I've paid for masters swim groups in Miami that aren't this organized.

But wait, there's more! If you can even believe it I met somebody else doing Ironman France on the dock. I know ... crazy, right.
proof - this is me (the shorter one) and that's Andy who is also doing Ironman France. Totally bizarre to meet him 2 weeks before the race in Orlando. Ca-razy.

So, going to a swim thing by myself always makes me edgy. I get shy and nervous and stuff. It really is great. There is a bunch of stuff on his website about alligators and event though I've lived here a long time and generally do not worry about alligators I will admit I let it get in my head. Turns out he's a bit of a joker - he has 3 plastic/rock decorative gators submerged by his dock. There could be gators who are there occasionally but I didn't see any - thank goodness.

This is after my second swim. I was the last one out which is why the dock was empty. This guy lucky is seriously probably one of the most generous guys I've ever met to do this. Apparently on the weekends there can be as many as 100 people who show up.
So,  I did it not only once but twice. Wednesday and Friday mornings. The second time I swam 3 times out and back for about 3000 meters. I would have gone 4 times for the full 4000 meters but I was the only one still swimming and I just don't do well swimming in open water by myself. I start to think about the things out there with me in the water ... and well it doesn't go well at all. So I stopped. I'll admit that even with all the swimming I've done in the last several months the swim still stresses me out. But whatever. The training is done. Could I have swum more ... maybe but not really a lot more to be honest so I'm good with what I've done and I'm pretty sure it's enough. I won't be the fastest out there but I will get it done and I probably won't be the last one out of the water either. I will come out of the water with a smile I mean how many times will I be doing an Ironman Swim in France? How cool is that?
This is maybe 10 seconds after the last picture. I think it's maybe one of the best self-portraits I've ever taken ... Where am I looking with my eyes? Plus the goggle marks. It's just all good - you're welcome.

If you're ever in Orlando I cannot recommend Lucky's Lake swim enough.

Oh and I made my family drag the bike to Orlando. When I told my husband I wanted to take the bike he just shrugged and said, "I expected that."  I rode in Clermont for about an hour Thursday morning. Again out of my comfort zone - riding to a place I've never been solo and riding alone for an hour. That last part isn't such a big deal because I don't actually mind riding alone.

So, of course I'm nervous about the bike. It's a long ride. A lot can go wrong including me just not making it. But I've worked really really hard on my biking. I've put in hours of training and if it wasn't enough it wasn't enough. But I think it probably was. So here's hoping the bike doesn't get squished under the airplane (fingers crossed) I will just pedal my little heart out from start to finish.

And then after that I'll run my marathon. Are you kidding me. Nope. So I feel like I'm undertrained for the run but what do I know. I'm healthy and uninjured going to the start. I've enjoyed the journey a lot. I've enjoyed the training and making really good friends. I've learned a lot about the sport and also about myself along the way (but luckily no big surprises). I'm in better shape than I've been ... maybe ever but at least since the beerfest that was my 20s. No matter what happens on Sunday it's been worth it. 

That's about it. It's the end of the road for the training. Starting now it will be radio-silence on the blog for a few weeks since I'll first be racing and then I'll be vacationing and I don't thing I'll be updating this until I get back. I could probably figure out how to but honestly my family deserves my uninterrupted attention for a while.

But should you be curious how I do in the race here's what you can do. This is of course after you include me in your nightly prayers on Saturday June 22nd ( and please help Amy through her Ironman attempt ).  You can track my progress online at ironman dot com on Sunday. I'm racing in France - not Idaho. France is 6 hours ahead of East Coast Time. I'm bib #199. Lucky #199. I will either be wearing a blue hammerhead tri top or a pink sugoi tri top I'm pretty sure the hammerhead blue or maybe the pink ... tune in to find out. If you really have nothing to do you can watch the live video for me to finish hopefully somewhere between 14 and 16 hours. Certainly not after 16 hours because that's the cutoff.

Wish me luck! Even with all the training I'm going to need it.


  1. GOOD LUCK MATEY! Bon Chance! Allez Allez

    You'll be just fine! Think of all the croissants wi/ butter + lavender honey after !!

  2. LOL that last comment.

    How is Amy feeling?

    1. Yup that was a weird comment. I think I deleted it. So I'm back home and feeling fine. I was sore but not terribly so for say 3-4 days after the race. I could walk easily - but when either of my kids sat on my lap their little butt bones dug into my quad muscles and it was crazily painful. I resisted doing any exercise while on vacation and today I jogged for 2 miles or so and it felt fine. 12 days off seems to have been enough to recover.