Monday, July 8, 2013

Ironman math

There is a phenomenon that perhaps happens only to me but leading up to yesterday's race and even during the race every time I added up my potential times I was not going to make the cutoffs.

So yesterday during the swim I came out at the turnaround  of the swim the announcer said it had been one hour. So I jumped in and did the second lap convinced I was somehow swimming so slow that I'd miss the cutoff. The second loop is much shorter result 1:30 just like planned.

Then during the bike as my watch inched toward 8 hours I began to get nervous about missing the cutoff. My Garmin didn't have a true reading because I think of the mountains making it hard to update. Every 10 kilometers they have an update for how long to go but of course it's in kilometers. So I'm trying to do the conversion in my head of how far I have to go and how long to do it. I was totally convinced I was going to miss it. It was very stressful and I almost kissed the guy at the dismount line when I did make the cutoff. I was totally confused when Marc told me I had more time than I thought.

Then onto the run. When I started I was fairly confident that I could make it. Then of course I began to slow down a bit and I was trying to recalculate. On each lap you get an arm band. when you had three bands you go to the finishers chute but you can also easily tell how many laps a competitor has done along he route by counting their arm bands. I kept seeing so many people falling apart on the last lap. Sitting, puking, barely walking whatever. So i was afraid my last loop would be much slower. Then my watch battery died so I didn't even know how slow I was going. I was very stressed that I just keep going. I was so relieved when I saw at the last turnaround that I had over an hour for the last 3 miles but then a few minutes later I began to get really nervous that maybe I was walking a 20 minute mile and I just jogged as much as I could. I was so thrilled to cross the finish line in time.

It is crazy to be so stressed when looking back I did have some more time. Not a lot but about 40 minutes. But that's what my mind did during the race.

This is my wetsuit hanging to dry outside before it goes in the bike box. As a side note the Mediterranean Sea leftover on my wersuit smells like stinky fish... Yuck!

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