Monday, July 15, 2013

Post-Ironman not quite blues but maybe blahs

Shortly after Ironman France a friend asked if I had the post-Ironman blues.

I said no. It was/is true. I was on vacation having a great time.

Now I'm home. Still relaxing. It's summer. I have to admit my daily life is sort of a perpetual vacation.

Self-diagnosis by me (not a doctor - don't even play one on tv) I've got not blues but maybe blahs.

My kids are in day camp and I'm just kind of hanging around. I've been watching the Tour de France (which I do love) and not getting much of anything done. For example, cleaning the Guinea Pig cage was a pretty massive achievement last week. Yes - pathetic. 

I enjoyed the structure of training for Ironman. I guess don't really want to train much yet. This is shown by the fact that I haven't made it to the pool to swim. Also my hair is still breaking off like crazy from the stress of IM France and I'm pretty sure chlorine or a swim cap is not the best answer for that.

I'm not really itching to race. My husband actually registered me for the Rome Marathon. I'm going to return the favor by registering him for the 5k :-).

I asked for a discount code for Escape to Miami but haven't registered because while I love that race I'm not feeling like I want to race yet. Sadly, I'm also not really enjoying relaxing. In fact I might be a little cranky.

I'm just letting it ride for the moment because I know that even after 70.3s it takes me 3-4 weeks to get my mojo back (unless there is a 140.6 looming).

So whine whine whine ... okay moving on now.

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