Thursday, August 29, 2013

Ready ... Set ... Swim

I am not the strongest swimmer. In fact in my masters group I am almost always the slowest swimmer. Those kids are fast.

Ha. Kids. I don't swim with kids of course but you get the idea. Today's post is randomness swimming stuff from the past week or so.

I learned that there is a facebook group called Did you Swim today? Sounds good to me. Clearly there is a group for everything.
I'm in this photo. I call my swim time ... suntan swim. The fast swimmers are already finished and I'm getting ready to either do my 100 all out or my recovery ... I'm wearing a blue cap. My friend Myra is waving in the next lane.
 I signed up for an 8-mile swim
Yup. It's called the Alligator Lighthouse Swim. Luckily it's a relay but myself and 3 others will be doing an 8-mile swim. Mostly we're crazy. I'm actually looking forward to it. It's pretty obvious I've lost my mind.

I discovered the coolest swim suit company ever
I read a blog called Run This Amazing Day. She's funny. She posted a picture of the cutest superhero swim suit and I just loved it. Turns out it comes from a company called Splish and they have tons of super cute swim suits. I'm in love. I'll be ordering lots today for me and my kids.  

As for my own swimming progress
I am back in the pool on a regular schedule. Tuesday-Thursday and Saturday. It's working well. It's actually the most consistent part of my training at the moment. Today we were doing lots of pulling. During the first set of 300s I fell so far behind that I just sort of kept pulling and never really stopped. I had lost track of the number of laps (my counting limit is about 200 maybe 250) and I was watching for the person in the next lane to be stopped which really never happened so I just kept going and going and going.

Then we did something else that I forget and then it was another set of pulling. But before we started I asked the coach ... why am I so slow when pulling? I'm so slow over all compared to the others it's good he didn't chuckle. But then he went on to give us a tip for technique and then basically said, suck it up buttercup and don't slack off the whole way through the pull sets. Aaagh - caught slacking.  It was pretty funny. But I think it's true it comes down to some muscle strength and my muscles there just aren't all that strong (lats, triceps general arm and shoulder muscles). So I didn't slack off during the 200s and my arms were exhausted, exhausted I tell you... by the end. So more pulling ... maybe some push ups should be in my future.

On the good news side I swam a 100 all out and it was 1:35. Not super fast by most standards but I was actually really happy with it. 

And lastly, I watched a video about flip turns this week. What's great about this video is that i watched it and I was totally sure I didn't do this hand flounder thing when I flip but today in class I realized OMG I totally do this. So I was working on not doing it. I had mixed success.

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