Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Thank yous - The final Ironman France Post

There might not have been a final post for this except I actually got one more picture. Tee hee. So excited.

FYI - I had pre-paid for a full photo pack for the event. When I first got my pics from FinisherPix there was no picture of me coming out of the water after the swim. Instead were two pictures of two separate guys. I am totally not a guy.

Being the photo maven I am I astutely figured out that they did their sorting for galleries was based on the time stamp of the photo. Actually, the photos were named with the time of day in the file name. It was a pretty direct conclusion - sadly I'm not terribly brilliant. Also this is how back in the day we sorted large event photos (synch the cameras, sort by time and voila everything is in order).

Anywhoo I emailed FinisherPix customer service and asked could they please look forward or backward another minute or two and see if they found me coming out of the swim as I am clearly a lady and not a dude. I mentioned in the email that if it helped I was in a pink wetsuit. They said sure and quickly sent me a picture of a lady in a pink wetsuit! But not me. Two girls with pink wetsuits - Crazy right?!?

When I sadly said it wasn't me I actually gave up assuming that they just missed me. But they kept on and suggested could I please send a picture of my wetsuit to help them find it. I did that and voila - they found the picture.

I cannot tell you how happy this makes me. The swim portion of this race was the monkey on my back and so to have this picture brings me a lot of joy.

And so here it is and I'd like to say Thank you to the nice people at FinisherPix who helped me find this picture.
I'm so excited here. Raising the roof (woot-woot) I might have just looked over my shoulder and seen my time. I remember thinking I might just barely make the 2 hour cutoff and when I saw 1:29 I was thrilled!

Also, I'll share with you here the team that helped me get to France. I have in fact thanked all of these people in person this is just to spread the love of their greatness around the Internet. Feel free to give them some business and if you want to know how to reach somebody who isn't on the web just ask because I'm happy to share.

  • My overall coach - Frank Carino (CoachK / T3 Triathlon Training Team)
  • My swim coaches -  Gulliver Swim Club Masters (coaches Jamie and Andrew). I also use the Stroke Doctor on occasion.
  • My bike coach - I used Michael Sinkover at Bikes to Go. It was instrumental in my success but we don't really mesh as coach/trainee so I am no longer using him.
  • My chiropractor - Sunset Chiropractic Dr. Maurno Keeps my hips totally in line which keeps my itbs a distant nightmare.
  • My doctor -  Miami Medical Consultants. The best. Dr. Cava if you can get him otherwise Gloria is great. They keep me running, biking and swimming and only tell me to briefly stop if I do something like pass out in a restaurant.
  • My extra food source - Dream Dinners helped keep the fridge full.
  • My sponsor husband - 'nuf said he's the best. He's even going to let me do it again.
  • My support crew inlaws and kids - my kids and inlaws put up with a lot getting ready for this race.
  • My bike stores, Mack Cycle, Bikes To Go, Cycle World, EPB BikeMasters for Rafa the mechanic they are all good. I shop around because one store just doesn't fit every need. 
  • For running and other stuff I shop at Footworks, TriVillage, Swim Bike and Run and also occasionally TriJungle. I get around and each store sometimes has something that the others don't carry. 
  • My training friends are too numerous to list and there would be a zillion photos but friends and training partners are key. My tri club is Team Hammerheads. They are a great group and I used the club bike box to take my bike to and from France.

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