Monday, September 30, 2013

Call me the Mad Hatter

Because I was Late Late Late

Total Bummer
Long story short  - I overslept for the triathlon I was supposed to race on Sunday morning.

Now I could say it was user error I set the alarm for afternoon but nope it was correct. I have once of these fancy alarm clocks that will keep sounding for I think 15 minutes and it will keep getting louder. When it's at it's loudest I can hear it all the way through the other side of the house. So I didn't just oversleep I OVERSLEPT. 
 This is my son getting ready to swim 25 yds backstroke. He swam 3 25s and one 100 freestyle. It was a few hours of swimming cuteness. 

It was a lesson in humility because I have to admit to myself that I simply cannot do everything. We had a very long long day on Saturday with a kid swim meet and birthday party plus bike check in. I went to bed exhausted at 10 pm. And apparently it came together that my little old body just could not get up at 3:45 on Sunday morning. This is not a feel sorry for me thing though because I know plenty of people who ran 18 or 20 miles on Saturday then worked at their jobs and they still made the race. I just didn't.
My daughter ready to swim. She swam 50 free, 50 back and 50 breast plus 100 IM.

What happens when you oversleep?
Well in a smaller race I could have just bagged the day and relaxed. But because Escape has mandatory bike check the day before I had to speed down there to get my bike back.  So I did get to watch the race and cheer for my friends. It was a fun day.

Then I got my unused bike and headed home. Not the result I had wanted but it is what it is.


  1. This, of course, is a recurring fear for me. It seems that as the number of kids go up the risk of oversleeping goes up.

    1. I think that was on Dylan's math superstars worksheet this week: If the parent has x children what is the % chance the parents will oversleep for non-important but expensive and fun activities? Wait ... maybe that wasn't the question. Also this is perhaps why I don't write math textbooks.