Thursday, September 26, 2013

Escape to Miami - Preview

Sunday I'll "race" Escape to Miami for the second time.

I feel underprepared for all aspects of the race except the swim. I have never ever ever said that before.

I'm not actually concerned about finishing. I'm just not really prepared to "race" it. So we'll see what happens. I have only been doing my weekend rides and I've skipped pretty much every other one of those. Oops. And I haven't run more than 7 miles for a long run since ... um June. Again ... oops.

So the goal is to have a good swim (don't forget to take off the speed suit in t1), safe ride and enjoy the suffering on the run (yeah ... right).

Last year I had a 1/2 iron a month after this race so I was really really ready and I swam 32:36, biked 118 and ran 1:03. Other than the swim I'm not sure I'll see those times this year. I feel like I have been (to put it bluntly) goofing off. In fact I'm procrastinating my 30 minute run right now. Yesterday I did actually ride the trainer for the second time honestly since I got back from France.

But I'm happy I get to race. This morning a girlfriend of mine deferred her entry till next year. She has a painful hip injury. It was going to be her first olympic-distance. So, I'm lucky I'm not hurt.


  1. hmmmmmm ..... maybe it was your unconscious mind that didn't hear the alarm clock??? Sorry you missed the race :(