Friday, September 20, 2013

Something new - Alligator Lighthouse Swim Relay

I have been lazy in posting mostly because I felt like I didn't have much of interest to say.

( aha the question is ... is anything I ever say interesting ... i know..i know)

This weekend - tomorrow actually - myself and 3 others are off to the Florida Keys to swim a swim relay. We start in Islamorada and swim 4 miles of shore (through reported hordes of jellyfish ... won't that be fun) to the Alligator lighthouse and back.

We're a relay so there are 4 of us swimming 2 miles each. I'm swimming the 1st and 4th miles. So that's good then. The one of us who's idea this was is prepping for Ironman Florida. So she'll be doing the final 2 miles. She has super sensitive skin so she is currently freaking out about the jellies. I assume I'll have to shove her off the boat to get started after she watches them bobbing around for the first 6 miles. Ha!

The goal will to be avoiding these guys.They are pretty though aren't they?

In the spirit of planning ahead I ordered a full-body lycra suit to wear to avoid the jellies. Sadly some royal FedEx mess up has resulted in this suit arriving here 3 days after the swim. Not helpful. So I'll be trying to pick one up in a local dive shop on the way down. Otherwise I'll just wear a rashgard shirt and hope for the best. Apparently they are big and easy to see so it will be like swimming reverse wack-a-mole: swim swim dodge the jelly swim swim dodge the jelly.

This is a ridiculous promo video because it doesn't show the lighthouse but whatever. Also why did they pick such crazy music? I am impressed by the ability of the swimmers to hold the camera so steady while swimming one-armed. So there's that.

I will say this. If you thought planning for a triathlon was complicated a swim relay is a ridiculous complicated mess. We need a support motor boat and kayaker to accompany the team. And I'm still not entirely sure how the whole handoff of the timing chip will work.

Plus this is an inaugural event. And so of course they are still giving us details today - one day before the race. Winning!

But I'm hoping the weather is good - the jellies are all blown out to sea and a good time is had by all.


  1. I'm guessing no timing chip. I participated in a 10 mile national championship swim last year, and there was no automatic timing.

    1. So the person who swam the last leg wore a timing chip but honestly since it's a gun start they should probably save the money and just do a manual timed event.