Monday, September 2, 2013

These kids have got spirit!

To start September off with a bang I dragged my kids and my husband up to North Miami for the Miami Kids Triathlon.

This is actually a series of 4 races but we've only made it to one. Last year we did one of this exact race so my kids have both raced this course before. The race director has made good improvements and it looks like the race has caught on so that's great.

This is my daughter's third triathlon and my son's second. He got a trophy last time so he was very excited to race again. My daughter not so much. In fact through the day before she was saying she wouldn't race. But she did race. I told her she didn't have to but she would have to go since her brother was racing so she went ahead and raced.

The younger kids went first but my daughter's pics are first so I'm sure you'll be able to cope with this irregularity.

Her race was 75yd swim, 1 mile bike and 3/4 mile run.
This is my daughter swimming. She did a great job. She passed the person swimming next to her and they start one by one with a little gap so that means she went pretty quickly although it's hard to know since we didn't get a split. There was no swim split because she dropped her ankle chip.

This is my daughter finishing her 75 yard swim. Her chip had fallen off in the beginning and the guy just handed it back to her with no instructions of what to do. She's looking at me to say, "what do I do?" I told her just carry it to transition and ask someone to help you put it on there.
My goal for the day was just to stay relaxed and not be a crazy tri mom. I both succeeded and failed in this goal at times.

I succeeded when I stayed calm when my husband tried a new route and instead of getting there early we had 2 minutes to make it to check in ... stressful. I failed when I yelled like a tiger mom for an inattentive volunteer to help my little one with her chip in transition (pay attention people - that's why you're there).

My daughter takes her helmet wearing style from me - I can never get it right. She's a very cautious cyclist and to be honest she doesn't love it. She fell last year on this course so I was thrilled to see her come in unhurt. In her age group there are girls on road bikes already and they compete head-head so she'd have to really push it to win and we were there just to have fun.  Although she said at breakfast, "I wonder if I had a road bike if I would have gotten third?"

This is my daughter sprinting to the finish. She had the fastest run split of her age group. I'll try not to mention that 50 times in the next paragraph but I'm pretty proud.

 My son's race was 25 yard swim, 1/2 mile bike and 1/2 mile run. It seemed like the whole thing was over in a minute. The little ones are very cute.
This is my son finishing his 25 yard swim. He was pretty nervous and did about 6 strokes before he remembered to breathe. Then he did one of those roll over onto your back kind of breathing things that kids do. It was cute.
My son took off on the bike and I thought he was going to smash into another kiddo who was ahead on training wheels but he didn't. Biking etiquette is sort of lost on the smallest group. I stress to my little maniac to try to avoid hitting anyone. He had the 3rd fastest bike split in his age group. He's a little speed demon and he loves it.

This is my son sprinting to the finish. He started the run going the wrong way and lost about a minute. He asked a volunteer where to go and the volunteer apparently wasn't sure .... um hello, wrong answer! My husband finally got there and told him where to go. He also ran the first half of the run with his helmet on. Funny stuff. He saw this picture and said ... look you can see my abs. His abs ... seriously?  Yup that's what he said. He cracks me up!
In the end my daughter came in 4th and my son 6th in their age groups. When you're a kid age groups are one year but you age up like adults on 1/1.

So they both had a good time even though there were no trophies and the reason was really because they both knew other kids there from swim team and school. That makes all the difference in the world for my kids enjoying the day. 

Final Thoughts
I wish this series was closer to us. I wish any kids tri series was closer to us. But if it's our only option we'll do this one again next year.

This race was better run than the one of this series we did last year. In fact my overall feedback for the event is two things - the volunteers need to be better prepared and the course near transition needs to be more clearly marked for both racers and also parents.

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