Monday, October 28, 2013

The funny thing about early morning workouts.

I'm at the end of my second week of having a cold. So not much of a training update.

I think I must still look very healthy when I'm sick because people don't seem to notice until I get really sick.  I get sick usually twice a year. Once in the spring-summer once in the fall winter. Usually it's a cold that works its way through in a few days. Last year I got the flu and ended up in bad shape. I don't recommend racing with the flu. Just take my word for it on that ... no need to try it yourself.

But back to this cold - the cold that never ends. I have hit the point where it's in my chest. I have a horrible sounding cough that appears every few hours in an embarrassing coughing attack. So I'm thinking I'm just about healed :-) 

Week one I was pretty sure I was going to kick it. I was hydrating and using herbal remedies and every day I was confident was the last day of the cold.

One of the herbal remedies I tried. Sadly it did not work as well as I had hoped. Bummer.

Then on Thursday I got up and did my strength workout. And came home and realized ... I am really sick. Why did I get up and work out. Well because I didn't realize I was sick. I've done this about 4 times. 2 of those were races. I've learned that if you get up early and just get to the workout sometimes you don't realize you're not well until you are already finished working out. It's a little nuts.

Anyway when I got home. I laid down. I didn't even shower. Emailed my doctor. Drove the kids to school. Came home. Called my doctor (to follow up with the email) and only got up once to pick up the kids from school. My husband was working from home that day. But he hadn't noticed that I was immobile in bed all day. When I asked him if he could pick up the kids he was finishing something up. So I didn't push it. I was feeling so craptastic at that point that I was crying from discomfort in the carpool line and I emailed my husband, "I am really sick."

Now, why would I have to email my husband that I was sick? Well because apparently even when I think I'm certainly about to croak from whatever my ailment is he thinks I'm fine. He never realizes that I feel so craptastic and so I have learned that I have to really clearly tell him. The most ridiculous example of this was last year when I got the flu which resulted in me fainting and having to be carted off by the EMTs to the hospital for fluids. The EMT told him I needed to go to the hospital and he still didn't quite get it. I was totally in a fog but I remember him saying, well what if she doesn't go? Could she just rest and drink fluids? I was so weak I couldn't stand on my own and he still didn't get it. Luckily for me the EMT realized he was insane and put on her tough face and said, "no, she needs to go to the hospital." He's not always terribly observant. He's many other wonderful things.

So, I emailed him that I was sick and he paid attention immediately because this weekend was "birthday weekend." He followed up with my doctor who also subscribes to the Amy isn't so sick that she needs attention philosophy. I clearly need to be more obvious with my symptoms. Although I do think lying in bed all day is pretty obvious. Then he filled my prescription came home and gave me my deadline that I needed to be better by Friday night because we had plans. Seriously, this is my husband. Is this not the weirdest thing ever?

I wasn't better but I did go out Friday and Saturday because after all it was birthday weekend.  Over 3 days (Friday, Saturday, Sunday we went to a combined 5 birthday parties and had homemade cake Sunday night).
My daughters home-made cake from yesterday. Tomorrow is my birthday. Many more candles. Probably not a home made cake - but storebought is fine with me. In other news has anybody else noticed that one tub of icing doesn't cover a whole 2-layer cake anymore? So annoying mostly because I always forget to buy 2.

And I guess it's no surprise ... I'm not better yet. Perhaps going out instead of resting is not the quickest way to heal. But then again it was birthday weekend? What's a girl to do?

Monday, October 21, 2013

October means ... head colds, birthday parties and candy

This past week was a blur. I have had a head cold which was severe enough to keep me out of the pool but not so severe as to send me to the doctor. Everybody but my husband has it ... which is funny because he is Mister Head Cold.

Also, this weekend was my daughter's birthday party. She is turning 10. So I spent the week running errands and getting stuff ready. Amazingly you can get a lot of stuff done while your kids are in school if you don't try to squeeze in a 2-hour workout. Go figure. I know ... I too was shocked.

I had a zip line installed. That only took me approximately a year. I move slowly.

It was a hit at the party. But we installed it just over their heads at the start. This is on purpose so they can't do it without an adult but my husband was less than thrilled to stand there for 2 hours pushing girls on the zip line. He kept stepping away and they would come get him to do it again. :-) He hates birthday parties but he won't say no when the kids ask.
So I spent the whole day and night Saturday being totally devoted to my daughter and her friends. After the party she had 4 friends sleep over. Sleep ... right. Actually I shut them down for the night at 11 with the threat of putting them into different rooms. So we did all get some sleep.

And you know what? This birthday party stuff is just exhausting. I was in bed last night just after the kids. zzzzz. Well sort of. My cold has reached the point where I can't lie down without coughing. But eventually the fatigue did overtake the hacking with the help of some nyquil.  I think I got a reasonable amount of sleep.

My birthday is next week I think. I am turning ... dum dum dum the big 40. So that's pretty exciting. My husband and my kids are planning something and I'm not privy to the details. I just hope it's not chuck-e-cheese.


Monday, October 14, 2013

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

Saturday I won my age group in a very small open water swim.

It is fun to win.

It was a mile swim hosted by the Miami Beach Lifeguards. They call it the Beach Bum Mile. It was a spectacular morning. The swim was really well organized. The water was fantastic. The sun was rising as we started. Honestly it was a great experience start to finish.

At several points I asked myself why in the world do I ever swim in that murky water out on Key Biscayne :-)

There were about 50 people total. Like I said - small group. But there was more than one person in my age group so it's a legit first place win :-) I'll take it! 

Here we are before the start.

Plus, did I mention it is fun to win.

Friday, October 11, 2013

Friday Funny

I have a friend who did an open water swim this morning. I didn't.

She touched some mystery object with her hand and proceded to swim the next 25 yards at olympic record pace. It's something I know I've done when something touches me in the water.

I was looking for funny things to tease her about that online and I found this. Not related to open water or touching mystery things but simply pretty funny.

Worst Olympic Swim Trials | Swimming Humor

Sorry I couldn't figure out how to embed it.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Veggie Share Adventures

Why yes I am a part of a veggie share - aren't you?

Just kidding. Veggie shares aren't a perfect fit for everyone but it works for us. In part it works because I enjoy trying new things. (In part it works because we have guinea pigs and go through a lot of lettuce) in the try new things column for example today we tried mamey also apparently called sapote.

Not being familiar with mamey I had to google how you even eat the darn thing. My daughter thought that was funny and she was also convinced I did it wrong. She might be right I just sort of sliced it open and accidentally sliced the seed in half - oops.

We all tried it but sadly mamey wasn't an instant winner in our house. But luckily my housekeeper was there to advise. She's from Nicaragua and is much more familiar with all tropical produce. She declared our mamey not-ripe. There was more to her explanation. It was in Spanish .I think she said it needs to ripen on the tree for 10 more days. But to be honest I could have misunderstood.

Oh well, I would try it again if it shows up in the bag. Maybe I would go straight to smoothie or milkshake though.

Monday, October 7, 2013

halloween dessert sort of success

I found this  idea for candy corn pudding pops the other day.

I was inspired so I tried them. 

We learned along the way that I am the only one in the house who likes vanilla pudding. The kids loved making the pudding pops but didn't like eating them.

The recipe actually calls for white chocolate for the bottom layer. That would have been better but the only one they had at my grocery store was sugar free and I was pretty sure that would be gross.  So I used all vanilla. I have 2 extra boxes of vanilla instant pudding if anyone needs or wants :-)

Also our first batch was a failure because we used the Zoku quick pop maker and the pudding didn't make it to the bottom before it froze.
Made in a regular Popsicle mold overnight in the freezer. I ate it while writing this post.

Rejected by the kiddos for being untasty and ugly. The first rejector is pictured here. The younger rejector tried a few bites and then said, "no thanks"

Thursday, October 3, 2013

One year from now - Ironman Chattanooga

I just realized - well yesterday actually - that one year from this past weekend I will be toeing the line at Ironman Chattanooga.


Having one Ironman under my belt I am of course now an expert. Just kidding.

With a year to plan there is one thing I want to do a little better. My first goal for Ironman Chattanooga is to get stronger. Not like weight lifting stronger. Endurance stronger.

Here's a thing about me - I never ever ever ever ever do weight training. Unless somebody says ... oh today you should life weights with me. That's the only time. But I know (intellectually, academically speaking) that incorporating strength training into my routine will be helpful.

At home or at the Gym?
I have oodles of equipment at home for this. I do not actually need to go to a gym to do this. I do know from experience that I will do this if I have to if I pay an assertive trainer to make me do it. I learned this because I had a trainer help me lose the baby weight after my kiddos were born. But I actually would prefer not to do that if I can avoid it just because I want to. But we'll see because maybe I need a trainer every so often to keep me on track. Hmmmmmmm... things to think about.

I need to do some research and make a plan.

To get started I'm meeting with a trainer for a free session. So I'll be back with an update soon.

Question for you guys!
In the meantime here's a question for readership (do I have readership?) What strength exercises do you recommend for long distance triathletes?