Monday, October 7, 2013

halloween dessert sort of success

I found this  idea for candy corn pudding pops the other day.

I was inspired so I tried them. 

We learned along the way that I am the only one in the house who likes vanilla pudding. The kids loved making the pudding pops but didn't like eating them.

The recipe actually calls for white chocolate for the bottom layer. That would have been better but the only one they had at my grocery store was sugar free and I was pretty sure that would be gross.  So I used all vanilla. I have 2 extra boxes of vanilla instant pudding if anyone needs or wants :-)

Also our first batch was a failure because we used the Zoku quick pop maker and the pudding didn't make it to the bottom before it froze.
Made in a regular Popsicle mold overnight in the freezer. I ate it while writing this post.

Rejected by the kiddos for being untasty and ugly. The first rejector is pictured here. The younger rejector tried a few bites and then said, "no thanks"

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