Monday, October 21, 2013

October means ... head colds, birthday parties and candy

This past week was a blur. I have had a head cold which was severe enough to keep me out of the pool but not so severe as to send me to the doctor. Everybody but my husband has it ... which is funny because he is Mister Head Cold.

Also, this weekend was my daughter's birthday party. She is turning 10. So I spent the week running errands and getting stuff ready. Amazingly you can get a lot of stuff done while your kids are in school if you don't try to squeeze in a 2-hour workout. Go figure. I know ... I too was shocked.

I had a zip line installed. That only took me approximately a year. I move slowly.

It was a hit at the party. But we installed it just over their heads at the start. This is on purpose so they can't do it without an adult but my husband was less than thrilled to stand there for 2 hours pushing girls on the zip line. He kept stepping away and they would come get him to do it again. :-) He hates birthday parties but he won't say no when the kids ask.
So I spent the whole day and night Saturday being totally devoted to my daughter and her friends. After the party she had 4 friends sleep over. Sleep ... right. Actually I shut them down for the night at 11 with the threat of putting them into different rooms. So we did all get some sleep.

And you know what? This birthday party stuff is just exhausting. I was in bed last night just after the kids. zzzzz. Well sort of. My cold has reached the point where I can't lie down without coughing. But eventually the fatigue did overtake the hacking with the help of some nyquil.  I think I got a reasonable amount of sleep.

My birthday is next week I think. I am turning ... dum dum dum the big 40. So that's pretty exciting. My husband and my kids are planning something and I'm not privy to the details. I just hope it's not chuck-e-cheese.


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