Thursday, October 3, 2013

One year from now - Ironman Chattanooga

I just realized - well yesterday actually - that one year from this past weekend I will be toeing the line at Ironman Chattanooga.


Having one Ironman under my belt I am of course now an expert. Just kidding.

With a year to plan there is one thing I want to do a little better. My first goal for Ironman Chattanooga is to get stronger. Not like weight lifting stronger. Endurance stronger.

Here's a thing about me - I never ever ever ever ever do weight training. Unless somebody says ... oh today you should life weights with me. That's the only time. But I know (intellectually, academically speaking) that incorporating strength training into my routine will be helpful.

At home or at the Gym?
I have oodles of equipment at home for this. I do not actually need to go to a gym to do this. I do know from experience that I will do this if I have to if I pay an assertive trainer to make me do it. I learned this because I had a trainer help me lose the baby weight after my kiddos were born. But I actually would prefer not to do that if I can avoid it just because I want to. But we'll see because maybe I need a trainer every so often to keep me on track. Hmmmmmmm... things to think about.

I need to do some research and make a plan.

To get started I'm meeting with a trainer for a free session. So I'll be back with an update soon.

Question for you guys!
In the meantime here's a question for readership (do I have readership?) What strength exercises do you recommend for long distance triathletes?



    All that time resting on your arms on your bike is killing your core and is probably biting you on the swim and the run.

    1. You are probably right. Listen, maybe you can help: where do I find the "engage" button on my core?