Thursday, October 10, 2013

Veggie Share Adventures

Why yes I am a part of a veggie share - aren't you?

Just kidding. Veggie shares aren't a perfect fit for everyone but it works for us. In part it works because I enjoy trying new things. (In part it works because we have guinea pigs and go through a lot of lettuce) in the try new things column for example today we tried mamey also apparently called sapote.

Not being familiar with mamey I had to google how you even eat the darn thing. My daughter thought that was funny and she was also convinced I did it wrong. She might be right I just sort of sliced it open and accidentally sliced the seed in half - oops.

We all tried it but sadly mamey wasn't an instant winner in our house. But luckily my housekeeper was there to advise. She's from Nicaragua and is much more familiar with all tropical produce. She declared our mamey not-ripe. There was more to her explanation. It was in Spanish .I think she said it needs to ripen on the tree for 10 more days. But to be honest I could have misunderstood.

Oh well, I would try it again if it shows up in the bag. Maybe I would go straight to smoothie or milkshake though.

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