Monday, October 14, 2013

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

Saturday I won my age group in a very small open water swim.

It is fun to win.

It was a mile swim hosted by the Miami Beach Lifeguards. They call it the Beach Bum Mile. It was a spectacular morning. The swim was really well organized. The water was fantastic. The sun was rising as we started. Honestly it was a great experience start to finish.

At several points I asked myself why in the world do I ever swim in that murky water out on Key Biscayne :-)

There were about 50 people total. Like I said - small group. But there was more than one person in my age group so it's a legit first place win :-) I'll take it! 

Here we are before the start.

Plus, did I mention it is fun to win.


  1. Awesome! That picture makes it look more like five, not 50 people.

    1. You are correct. Only myself and 4 swimming buddies were pictured here. The other 45 or so folks were out of the frame. Everyone but me is a tri-loco. I was an interloper in their group. Can you tell I'm shivering. It was about 77 outside. I should do well in Minnesota in a few weeks. Maybe I won't plan on swimming while we're there.