Saturday, November 9, 2013

10 isn't a magic number

Today I ran 6 miles. It was great.

I've been running more this week than in the recent past. All my runs this week were zone 1 which is very slow but today I just ran. Not breaking any speed barriers mind you but also no annoying beeping when my heart rate went up.

I used to try to keep my long runs above 10 miles. I did this because it was sort of a training threshold. If I can run 10 miles then I'm still in good shape kind of thought. So I would always try for 10 even if it hurt unless I really hadn't been running at all.

One of my training buddies ran 10 today - he said the last 2 were tough. I ran 6 and felt good the whole way. I wasn't feeling guilty or anything about needing more miles. I could have run 10 - that's true. I guess I know now that I can probably almost always go out and do 10 slow miles. But the magic is gone. Today I did 6. No pressure for more - which was very nice.

Next week will be more after all there's a marathon coming up. So I'm just going to enjoy my six and move on.

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