Monday, November 4, 2013

And so begins marathon training

October was a full month of kleenex, cake, candy and wine
I feel like October (through this past weekend) was a non-stop birthday party and endless series of drinking events (with a side order of drippy noses and a cough). But that's over and now it's time to train for a marathon in March.

This is my son and his friend on Halloween at school but it's also kind of how I think we all feel after such a busy month!

Thank goodness
I  had a great month and I'm thankful for my great family and great friends but I am ready to get back to going to bed at 8 (and not because I'm sick) and just having an uneventful month.

I have not been in a pool in 3 weeks because of the cold. But this past weekend the kids had a swim meet. My daughter swam 50 Fly which we both agree I wouldn't even begin to complete and she also swam 100 free in 1:40 which isn't even close to winning the race but is just about as fast as I can go. That's nuts. I'm very proud of her. 
We write her events on her arm. 

Perfection at a swim meet
Each of my kids made every event and was not disqualified for any illegal turns. Neither of my kids cried. Okay well Dyl started with a few tears from being nervous before the 200 free but that's it. This for me is perfection as a swim mom. Well hopefully next time - no tears at all.

No more Tears
My kids and I are both exhausted. Last night after 2 days of swimming and a party we had to do my daughters science experiment. She was so exhausted she cried. Full crying. When she spilled some water. I think that we as a family have discovered our limit. Early bedtimes for all of us all week.


  1. You should find a master's meet and try some races. It might be fun to see how you compare to her.

    1. The kids would love that. I will keep an eye open for one.