Monday, November 18, 2013

Harriet Anderson - that's who motivates me this Monday

Like many people I watched the NBC coverage of the Ironman World Championships in Kona this Saturday.

After a busy day I made it home just in time for it to start and I watched it with my daughter. My son who was walking with his cub scouts joined us about 1/2 way through.

The most motivational part for me was hearing the story of Harriet Anderson.

I guess she's a bit of an iconic fixture on the west coast for endurance events since I found an article on Athleta dating from 2009 about her. I think she was 78 this year when she finished.

My daughter is 10. She said during the coverage, "that's older than grandma." It is but just.

Her Grandma - my mother-in-law is active for her age. But a vigorous outing is shopping at the mall. She's currently cruising in Europe which is great. She would be wowed to hear about what Harriet Anderson did this October. I know I was. I won't have to tell her because I'm sure my daughter will.

She finished just before all the cutoffs and this is apparently her 22nd or 23rd trip to Kona. It's wildly impressive. But for me the most impressive thing was that she fell on the bike and kept going to finish. As I said before she's 78.

Why is the fall so impressive? Because, I think most 78-year old women are worrying about tripping in there homes and being too frail to get up with a broken hip if they trip on an uneven surface and Harriet fell on the bike and kept on going. Her bones are still apparently plenty strong to keep going. She is doing something right!

I definitely want to be like Harriet when I'm 78.
The quote is from Fireman Rob (who also inspires me) and this is my kids finishing my first half-iron with me. Immediately after finishing my son stole my water because he was so thirsty (from spectating and running .1 mile [smirk]) I do hope hope are inspired to do attempt hard things throughout their life. In other news my daughter now refuses to wear this shirt which cracks me up.

I know endurance sports are not for everyone but I love them and I hope to be out there chugging along at that age I really do.

And with that I'm off to do my 8-mile recovery run. In other news ... you might be training for a marathon if you say ridiculous things like 8-mile recovery run.


  1. What an inspiration! I hope I'm running at that age. Thanks for sharing!

    1. I hope I"m running then too. Glad you enjoyed it.