Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Hats off to those who are hardcore enough to train on a treadmill

I spent the weekend in Minnesota with family.

I did my long(ish) run on a treadmill. I was supposed to run 14 miles. I don't think I did that much although I can't be sure. I did complete 2 whole hours on the treadmill and really ... that was enough. Enough for perhaps forever.

An entire suitcase of coats. Packed and ready to go. Also hats and gloves.
Seriously ... my hat's off to people who train for marathons on treadmills. It's mentally really challenging for me.
Preparing to face the cold in my new winter coat.

The forecast was so cold that I didn't even pack for running outside. I did have a brief moment when I was walking from the car to the hotel where I thought I should have but then the wind blew and I was freezing and I knew I could never do it.

This was the temp outside when I started. Brrrrrrrrr.

This is the torture chamber.
 The weather inside the workout room was actually steamy. In fact after 3 miles I stopped. I thought I paused but in fact I had to start the machine fresh so let's say stopped. I inspected the thermostat and it was set at 74 which with heat is hot. Why is that 74 in air conditioning freezing... but with heat roasting hot. I adjusted the thermostat figured out how to turn on the tv and started again.

It was so steamy and I was alone that I did something I never do. I decided to run without my shirt. I shut the blinds so as to not create an awkward moment between myself and a hapless traveler walking to their car outside. Then of course 2 minutes later a guy came to workout in the hotel. Oh embarrassing but I just kept going complete with belly jiggle. Tee hee. Sorry anonymous guy in the gym for having to put up with my belly jiggle.

I stopped a few more times during what totalled up to be 2 hours. Once because the treadmill stopped (they only go an hour) once because my kids came in to "help." and once because I was unable to figure out what I had done on my phone and the music had stopped. It all became very confusing. But I'm pretty sure I made it 2 hours. I can't rely on either the watch or the treadmill to account for that though because of the watches inability to travel and then the fact that I kept stopping the treadmill.

This was the reward. We'll take one giant donut please. Oh and a bunch of other sweets too. This is at Mello-Glaze in Minneapolis which is clearly the best bakery ever. Thanks to Devon Palmer for showing us the light.
My watch doesn't travel well. It took 20 minutes to power up in Minnesota. 20 minutes to power up back in Miami and then it said it would take 1 hour to transfer data. Of course at the end of that hour ... transfer failed. Oh me oh my I wonder why I use this thing sometimes.

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