Monday, November 11, 2013

Looking for a smaller 5k and 10k in Miami ... where did they all go?

I'm in my second week of marathon training.

My marathon training program has all this "lingo" and stuff like HR1 -which means Heart Rate zone 1. And then it has speedwork which is in terms of 5kpace and 10k pace and Tempo runs which refer to Marathon Pace and Half Marathon pace.

So, here's the conundrum. I know my HR zones. I know my recent marathon pace and half-marathon pace. But the last time I did a stand alone 5k or 10k was a very long time ago.

A few weeks ago I started thinking that I wanted to run a 5k and 10k just to get an idea of my time for acurate pacing. And I think it would be fun. I wanted to run the Waterford 5k but my son had a soccer game at the same time. It happens. It looks like that was a fun event. Footworks puts on a good race :-)

Where are all the races?
Since I couldn't do Waterford I looked for others. But you know what ... there really aren't many or any that I can find. It could be that my searching skills are craptastic. I checked which used to have a massive list of nearby races but now seems to just have their own races. I also checked which had the next race as the Miami marathon. I have since learned that the Key Biscayne Lighthouse race was Sunday ... not sure why I didn't find that on my radar. This is why I think it might be where I'm looking. I did find that Irun has a 5k and 10 k the Sunday of Thanksgiving weekend. I'll probably do that since it's next.

Also I should add I don't really want a color race, a glow race or a mud race. Just a road race, thanks.

Are there any small races anymore?
And here's my next issue. Ideally I'd like to find two not-massive races.   I know camraderie, fellowship among racers are big these days and that's good because all of the races I found are giant. The Turkey Trot for example which I am signed up for thank you very much is 5,000 racers. It's not always fun to race with 5,000 of your closest friends. Also it's something we'll do as a family running together so it won't really be my race and so it doesn't achieve my goal of figuring out my pace.

Why would I want a small race? Well because it's easier to find your own space to run for one. And two it's more about head-head competition. There is an anonymity about racing with 5, 10 or 15 thousand runners. You're really running by yourself. But with a few hundred racers you quickly know who your competition is and you can race - head to head the them. Actually now that I write it down it's really all about having space to run. I don't love weaving around other folks the whole time. I'm not going to win or anything but I like to not feel like I'm going to trip if I go faster than a slow walk. I would like to race with say 200-500 of my running friends. When I started racing in Florida there were 5ks all the time all over. A few big races and lots of little races. Now I can't seem to find any small races.

Why a race?
Well of course, I can just go run my own 5k. But that's not really the same is it? When you run competing with somebody you push yourself a little harder. That's part of what makes it fun. 

So help me out here. Where are there more small races friends? Where are the runs listed these days for South Florida? Have the small runs gone underground or have I just lost my searching mojo?


  1. Yowza! I tried a 5k for time the other day by myself. Not pleasant or all that productive.

    1. What was your goal with the solo 5k? I don't even want to know how screaming fast you went. I'm hoping to use it as sort of a high pressure tempo run because I tend to be really not able to hold a harder pace on my own. It's a personal weakness.