Thursday, November 14, 2013

Me and Joe ... Trader Joe's that is

I may have a grocery disability. I am seriously stumped when it comes to shopping in unfamiliar stores.
Trader Joe's Welcome to the psuedo - tropics.

I also have buffet anxiety which is why I never go to buffets and quite possibly why I haven't ever been on a cruise ship. But I digress.

The new Trader Joe's opened in Miami. It is 1 mile from my house. 1 mile. Sooooo close I could bike there except they haven't put up a bike parking spot ... I'm hoping there's a yet in there but I actually have no idea.
Not good - lentils are good for soup and burgers not so much chips

When they opened it was a zoo. Parking was a nightmare ... towed cars, news stories you name it. So I waited a while till the hubbaloo died down. But when my tri-friend Nick came all the way from a different county recently to go there I figured it was probably safe for me to make my 1 mile journey. :-)

I knew it would take me a loop to get my feel for the place. So I did an exploratory loop and discovered that ... it's not that big.

I was mainly there to get something for us for dinner. That was the plan.

On the second loop I found the main departments and sampled some Turkey Pot Pie. It was yummy. Then on the third loop my brain finally kicked in and I was able to make some choices.
after I found this on my 3rd loop I was a little happier

The people who work there are nice. The wine section is enormous the beer section tiny. But I think it will all be okay :-)

Apparently I have to go back and get cookie butter. Wish me luck.

And in the category of 1st world problems. This is how my cleaning lady puts my kitchen floormat back after cleaning. I tell her every week,  "please put it in front of the sink," and every week she shoves it over in the corner. Drives me batty. Then again she does clean it and therefore I'm being a whiny baby.
seriously doesn't this look "off"  grrrr....

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