Monday, December 30, 2013

Entertaining, Running, Indulging, Biking, Recovering: my last two weekends in described in gerands

If memory serves gerands is the word for words ending in -ing so there are 5 gerunds to describe my weekend.

File that under the heading of things you probably don't care about very much.

13 & 12 Weeks until the Rome Marathon, my husband's birthday and of course, Christmas
Last weekend was my first 20-mile run and also my husbands birthday ... and my husband's family was visiting for the weekend so you know that's not an potential training obstacle or anything. Sheesh.

Luckily this weekend was only 14 miles. Seems like a walk in the park these days. In between was a little thing known as Christmas.

Entertaining - 
Last weekend
Grandparents, aunt, uncle and cousin arrived last Friday morning for the weekend. Friday was school party day so my kiddos went to school anyway.
Suess inspired hair at the school holiday party.

Did I mention that a crazy rash sent me to Urgent Care with my daughter Thursday night ... that didn't get in the way of anything ... really. I find out on the way that many other kids in her class have also had a rash and an administrator was even in to check it out. Oh really ... nobody shared this with the parents. What is it? A few hours, a few doctors later diagnosis probably a harmless rash causing virus but just in case it's some horrible virus have some steroids and expect a call from the health department for follow up tomorrow. Sheesh. Stress level totally low. I'm kidding here, you can see that, right? So 2 kiddo parties, two pointed discussions with school administrators that they really need to communicate when a crazy rash causing virus is moving through the classes and arriving family ... plus hydrating for a 20-mile run. What could possibly go wrong?
This was the rash ... not a lot of fun actually.

This weekend
Luckily no house guests and a much shorter run. On the complicated side my son had his first semi-serious reaction to a nut in a food on Christmas eve afternoon. He's been freaking out every time he eats since then and he's been ultra clingy.  I was so turned around by all the holiday chaos that when I got the notice for the Saturday run I was totally confused.

Running 20 miles last week and 14 miles this week
I'm up way way way too early 4:25 I think. My husband hears the alarm and says, that's your alarm. Luckily I'm out of the way before he tries to nudge me awake which when he's asleep is a solid smack from him that means turn that f-ing alarm off! Normally such an early wake up sends him to another room to sleep but the house is full so we're together.

We have a pretty large group to run 20 miles. 6 people. I've always said this is when you find out who your real training buddies are at a 5 am training run. Moreso in the rain and holiday season. Luckily we had no rain ... we had heat. We aren't having winter apparently this year so it was about 75-77 and muggy to start.

To be honest there wasn't a whole lot of pep in my step at the start even. Off we went keeping it a very moderate pace.
This isn't key biscayne ... it's my driveway. It was this morning but still pretty flipping awesome sky.

The sun came up over Key Biscayne as we topped the bridge - it was spectacular. I love that. There were also boats going in and out so their lights were twinkling. It was great. Shortly after that we hit the turn around and headed back. Shortly after that I ran totally out of gas. I stayed with my group till about 10k to go. Then I let my training buddy go on ahead. I had a stomach cramp which rarely happens. And then with about 4 miles to go I got pretty cranky. I lost my smile and everything. I was pretty overheated which I realized when I took my hat off in frustration and immediately felt the heat escape. I was also probably behind on water and calories but I had an upset stomach so it was a bad pairing. I trudged crankily on.
gratuitous photo of holiday lights. Tis the season.

With probably 2 miles to go I saw a friend who offered me a ride back. I declined. As soon as he drove off I was kicking myself. But luckily about 1/2 mile later I cheered up and just slowly jogged the rest. I felt pretty craptastic at the finish. Usually the end of a 20 mile training run is kind of euphoric because you feel pretty proud of yourself. But not for me this time. I had brought a recovery shake because I knew I would have a long day. Not surprisingly I felt much much much better when I finished that.

The 14 mile run this weekend was much less eventful. Same hot muggy weather but no bonking! Thank goodness.

So lets see cookies, birthday bbqs, dinners out, wine, beer, more cookies ... it's totally out of control.
This was a present for my husband actually but isn't it adorable. Mini chocolate bottles filled with liquor. The holiday season of indulgence all wrapped up in a box.

Quite honestly I feel like I never need to eat or drink again which is why I had mallomars for lunch. Oops.  There will be dinner and champagne on NYE but other than that I want to get clean and lean and organized.

Hey a girl can dream.

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