Monday, December 9, 2013

Marathon Monday - 15 weeks until Maratona di Roma

This week of training was fairly uneventful.

It was a recovery week so the mileage was pretty normal. My runs have shifted from HR 1 to trying to hit a pace most of the time which can be a little stressful for me. It's mental. Once I decide I'm going to do it ... it's usually okay but I get nervous before I'm started.

Let me be clear these are not fast paces just fast for me. For example I had 7 miles at 10:35 pace. Not fast but I still get nervous beforehand.

New Stuff
I got new shoes. I loved my old shoes - Adidas Adizero. So it's been updated with their new boost technology. Ahhh why do shoe companies go and do this? You fall in love with a shoe and then they change it. Boo.

I resisted ... hopeful that my regular shoe would appear back in the store. Eventually I finally admitted to myself it probably wasn't going to happen and I embraced the change and bought the new shoe. I do love the colors.
These are the adizero boost running. Apparently they have the adizero plain according to the website but it wasn't at my store.

The other change is that the toe box is a little wider. Which should be a good thing except I did get a blister from my run on Saturday. It's on the toe next to my pinky toe ... weird, right. So, we'll see if I fall in love with these like the older ones.

Packing on the holiday pounds (gasp!)
I am pretty lucky that I can usually eat whatever I want without much adverse effects. This is of course because I am pretty active. I did battle with losing weight after I had both my kids but once they started sleeping through the night and my training came back the weight came off.

On the other hand ... I am vertically challenged (read: short) so it doesn't take many pounds to make a big difference in how my clothes fit.

And as much as I hate to admit it ... I'm getting older and everyone says this makes it harder to keep the weight off.

So, last week I noticed that my clothes were tighter than they should be. And my least favorite muffin top was appearing on top of my running shorts. I think I have added about 5 extra pounds. Grrrr. That is so un-fun!

I started watching what I was eating. Not surprising I was eating lots of treats, too much sweets which are just all over this time of year and too much bread and pasta, eating out way way way too much and probably too much of everything. So I'm committed to trying to eat clean this week. :-)

Recipe to share

I made carrot soup. Yummy and easy. Find the recipe here.

Race news
You need a medical certificate to run in the Rome Marathon. It has to be stamped by the doctor so I've been back and forth with the guys in Rome and my doctor to get a version that works. I hope that this latest form works. So annoying but unavoidable.

Coming up I'll be running the Ultimate Live Half marathon this weekend. Just as a training run not a race but still it should be fun.

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