Monday, December 2, 2013

Marathon Monday - 16 weeks until Maratona di Roma

I'm running the Rome Marathon - Maratona di Roma in March. I think it's 16 weeks away. So we're back to a countdown!

Happy Belated Thanksgiving to one and all.
We run the Tropical Park Turkey Trot 5k as a family every year. We've done it together for probably 4 years. It's officially a tradition. This year my daughter ran the whole thing with me. She actually did the whole thing last year too but with my husband. This year we went a little faster. It was Stone girls versus Stone Boys. Since it was a race - of course - Jack took off light a lightening bolt at the start.

Stone Girls ... the winners. That's my husband photo bombing in the background.
He's small so he's able to get through the crowd easily. He didn't even slow down to high-five the turkey! So Dylan and I followed him and then at about a mile we made him wait for his dad. He was bummed he kept saying, "he's too slow!!" I'm sure my husband loved that (not!) Either way my daughter and I went on and finished the race in 36 minutes which I thought was pretty good for a 10 year old. She walked some but not much. I would encourage her to run again after about 10 seconds but she set the pace and whenever she wanted to walk we walked. She didn't probably love me pushing her a little bit during the race but she beat all her girlfriends which she was very excited about and in the end she was glad I did gently push her. 
He loves the kids trot. He said after, "there were a lot of really fast kids!"

The boys cheated and cut the course. Stinkers. Jack went on to do the Kids trot which he loves. It was a good morning.

Marathon Training
To get ready for the marathon I ran 16 miles on Saturday. I was a little nervous to go so long since my 14 mile treadmill run had been somewhat short. No idea how much since i was clueless for the distance. Plus with the travel and Thanksgiving stuff. I didn't have what I consider enough miles during the week. I'm a fan of the Daniels formula of your long run should only be 1/3 of your total mileage so if you run 16 miles in your long run your weekly total should be at least 48 miles. My total was 35.5.
It was a beautiful morning run. Cool the whole way. This was halfway.

Oh and I went to a masters swimming holiday party. They let me in although I haven't been swimming in weeks, weeks (enough weeks that I think I could say months ... eeek). No pictures of that.

I wore my France jersey which I love. I may wear it for every ride until it wears out. Except the shorts they are sugoi and the seam digs into my sit bones. Ouch. But looking cute can sometimes be painful as fashionable girls like me know. hee hee I'm not fashionable at all.
Then Sunday I did a 50 mile bike ride. After 16 mile run it's supposed to be an easy ride. Well some was easy and then some was not so easy. We got caught up in a speedy group on the way back and I held on for a while and then not so much. But it was a beautiful day and I had a great time. Don't worry my group did wait for me and we regrouped and came home together. All was good.

Lastly I leave you with a photo that came across my twitter of a triathlete with a pretty good sense of humor seen on the IMCozumel course this weekend. 
I don't know who he is but I think it's pretty funny. Also I love that you can see where the suit sleeves end because of his tattoo sleeves on his actual arms.
Have a great week? If you trotted with your family share your story here in the comments for fun!


  1. We did the Jungle Island 5K Turkey Trot. It was super small and nice, I like the vibe of the Turkey Trot at tropical park but it was an easy sell for my kids. My little guy ran his heart out ... I would tell him to slow down and he wouldn't. I was waiting for his collapse but it never came! He kept at it. Its our 3rd year as a family. The best part about this race is that we got a free entry into Jungle Island and we were in before the park opened! That led to some nice adventures for us..... hope you have a great week!