Tuesday, December 10, 2013

My holiday shopping list

So I'm not sure why I'll put this here. But I guess I was inspired by reading the RunnersWorld 30 gifts under $30 that had only one thing I'd want on it. Seriously who comes up with these things.

So here's a list of things that I might want for the winter holidays. It's a little funny to put here because my predominant gift buyer (read:husband) doesn't read my blog. It's okay I'll print this one out for him.

So here goes things Amy wants:

1. Bike box by Alan I have of course been known to travel with my bike. I use a borrowed bike Thule box from my triathlon club. It works great and is only $10 to rent each time. But when last in Europe for Ironman France (why yes I can still work that into every conversation, thx) this was the box all over the place and it's much better. Why? Because it just is. In fact my kids actually wanted me to buy one before we came home. If they were sold at the expo my husband (chief box lugger) would have probably bought one. Actually mostly because it rolls on 4 wheels standing up so it's not heavy to deal with. Also you can open it without taking the whole thing apart which is handy if you are freaking out in the airport trying to remember if you packed your cycling shoes or whatever. However, it's a fortune and so I don't own one. And I'll admit since I use one twice a year ... it's not worth the expense. Still it's pretty awesome. I'll take pink.

2. Zensah compression socks.  Honestly, who wouldn't be faster in a pair of pink argyle socks, right? Interesting Zensah fact. This company is based in Miami and yet I don't think any store by me stocks these socks. Weird, right?

3. Splish Suit. Okay so you have to know somebody really well to know what size swim suit they wear but these are really cute. I'm buying one for myself for the holidays because they are too cute.

4. Coeur Sports Triathlon Suit I really wish triathlon apparel weren't so stinkin expensive. But it is and this stuff is super cute. So I should have more of it in my closet.

5. Nike running hats. This is the only thing that Nike makes that I wear without issue. I go through these things like water. Also I cannot have too many of them.

6. Re-string it. This is genius I think. It was the one thing I found on the runnersworld list. This gizmo is much improved from my method of safety pin and the pinch and pull method. These guys deserve to make all the millions.

7. A car with a built in shower? The rav4 is too small for my family but if you haven't seen this car well ... it's cool in a funny kind of way. I think an RV is more my speed. We recently had a "smell incident" in the family car which means we're sort of in the market for a car. Sort of. But the Rav4 isn't on the list.

8. New Camera. I'm in the market for a new camera. Which is good news because I like to shop for cameras. I'm super picky about cameras so it would actually be a really tough gift but it's on my list.

9. This shirt. Seriously I think funny gifts are great. This would also be a pretty funny coffee cup.

10.  Or this mug. I probably wouldn't wear this on a shirt because it's kind of mean to those who are proud of what they've done and running is hard work at any distance. But honestly as somebody who's done the Ironman it's kind of funny. So coffee cup or shirt to wear to an expo (maybe if I was feeling churlish).

Oh and the ultimate stocking stuffer? I'm thinking of getting this for my husband but I'm not sure if he'll think I'm giving him a hard time. I just think it's funny. I found it on cafe press (of course).

And that's all. I'm super lucky that I get gifts and I'm really thankful everything in my life so please know that this list is really just for fun since it's the gifting time of year.

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