Thursday, December 19, 2013

Oh lawdy ... that was rough ... must swim more often

Triathlon Training Thursday -
Quick update from the pool.

I went to the pool were I floundered for an hour. There were words like "descending" and "fast"used to describe parts of the set ... I interpreted it all as "survive" and "just keep swimming." My ankles are locked into runner position and the coach did tell me to have floppy feet - like the hokey pokey. It took me 100 yards to sing enough of the hokey pokey to realize he meant "shake it all about."
This is not my kid. My kids never wore these silly things. But I might need them in my next race.
It is imperative that I swim more often than once every other week.

That is all.
Now, back to your regular programming or gift wrapping. I for one am on the hunt for holiday pjs that my kids want and I meant to order weeks ago...weeks. I think holiday pjs are silly. Or perhaps I have a case of the holiday bah humbugs.

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