Thursday, December 5, 2013

Triathlon Training Thursday

The big news is I am back in the pool as of today.

I have not swum regularly I think in about 8 weeks. I could go back and check in training peaks but I really am afraid to know that it was actually more weeks. It's been a very long time. It started because I was sick for 3-weeks and continued because I am a lazy slacker enjoying the off-season.

Many people can take a long time off from swimming and come back without much issue. Those people are not me. For me coming back to swimming can be super unpleasant. If I'm not properly conditioned I get nauseated in the pool. And since barfing on the pool deck makes one an unpopular lane mate I really try to avoid it. 

I also hate not being able to do the regular set with the group. Well dislike is a better description.

Today I was a few seconds late to practice because it took me forever to get ready since I haven't been in lightyears. And traffic was a mess which is saying a lot since its a whopping two minute drive from my house. Plus there is construction by the pool and so I had to park farther away. No big deal because it meant I did my own super relaxed warm up. Didn't drown.

Then - of course - it's an IM set. Why why why do I always come back on these days? I am not an advanced swimmer - butterfly is not in my bag of tricks. So IM sets are hard for me and I feel like the ugly step-kid who forgot her homework. But today I just did my own thing during this part and it was fine. Then we did some sprinting stuff which was hard but okay and I even did a few sprints off the blocks which I think is fun. I cut it short after an hour (about 2000 yards perhaps less I didn't count) and felt pretty good. Next week I'll do the whole set :-) promise.


  1. I almost always sprain my neck in the backstroke and drink half of the pool doing butterfly. I am with you on IM sets sucking.

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