Wednesday, January 15, 2014

10 weeks to Rome

Yup Marathon Monday post on Wednesday ... oops. Fell behind. Actually at the moment I'm stewing at home waiting for a repair man. I hate that.

10 weeks to go.

That's close.

Am I ready?

Well not quite. Well mostly but I do need to get cracking and figure out what I'm going to wear.

I live and train in Miami. It's hot here. I train with a fuel belt. It's a great thing except it's murder on technical fabric tees. I get tons of little "runs" in the front. It's annoying. Plus it means my cute tops don't last a whole heck of a long time. So this week I'll be shopping. Weather in Rome should be about 50 degrees Farenheit. So I'm thinking tank, shorts and arm warmers.

My long run this week was 19 miles. That's a doozy. Luckily for me it went better than the last 20 mile run - which did not go well.. Of course my training buddies did pull ahead for the final 4 miles. But I felt good till the end that's the important thing!

ice for ice bath. good for recovery ... not all that fun though.

In other new this week I have a new watch ... Did I share that the old one broke. Yup ... Just the band. I could have gotten a replacement band but since my watch is old and the battery didn't make it through the race in France I went ahead and upgraded to the garmin 910xt. I'm happy with the new watch. Seems to work very well.

Sunday came with the weekly long bike ride. 4 hours (like 16mph ... easy ride - Loved it). We went super slow. My training pal Carolyn is training for Ironman Texas. This was her long ride and she's not super fast. That's the only reason I agreed to 4-hours the day after a 19 mile run (which otherwise would be stupid) but it was fine.

Along the way we saw these manatee mom's and their calves. It was super cute. Again Super cute!

Final Monday Wednesday news: this week I'm trying something new.

The nice people at Energy Bits have sent me a sample to try so I can tell you all about them.

The sample arrived last week so this week I'm trying them. This is going to really be a lot of fun. I like trying new things. I'm fascinated by sports nutrition. Energy Bits are completely different from anything I've tried before so I am excited to try them and share my experience if you happen to be curious ... Which of course you are. So check back on for info on that later.

Questions for today: post your answers in the comments if you want.
What do you choose to wear for a marathon? I have usually worn shirt with my name on it so people can cheer. I'm not sure I'll do that in Italy. Also I prefer a singlet and shorts. That's just my thing.

What nutrition do you use on long runs and rides? Nutrition is a super personalized thing I think. I use plain flavor no caffeine gu and water on my long runs but I'm trying these energy bits this week and I use Infinit on long bike rides.


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