Monday, January 6, 2014

Enough already with the holidays back to marathon training

11 weeks until Rome ... I think. The blogging gig has been a little on the back burner during a little thing called school vacation. The little people are always around and they come first because they insist on that.
yup champagne new years eve.

2013 in review
First a moment to review. I'm not the best log keeper but according to Training Peaks I logged:
  • 1407 miles and 141 hours on the bike. The miles don't include trainer time ... I'm not sure what to do about that. So the miles are actual miles and I think the hours include trainer hours.
  • 688 miles running or 143 hours. 
  • Swimming 144,866 yards. 
  • Brick of 57 miles (I have no idea what this is or why it's there)
  • and of course one race of 140.6 miles 
It's not the most mileage anybody could log but I'm pretty happy with it.

at the end of our new years day run on the beach. It's a fun tradition and it requires not being real hung over.
What will 2014 bring?
Fun stuff that's all just lots of fun stuff. I do actually like to set goals and resolutions but mine aren't ready yet. So just hold your horses. The race schedule is pretty much set I think.

I dragged the whole family to the new years day run. The kids were tired and cranky and my husband was hung over and miserable. This might have been a one-time gig for them.
Over the holiday I have eaten too much, and drank too much grown up grape juice. So January starts with a big giant dietary reset. Clean eating.

One resolution is being more organized with shopping. Behold the magic master shopping list. Here's hoping I'm not at the store every day.
I did stick to my workouts during the kids break which was good because otherwise I'd be another 10 pounds of me to love.  Except swimming for some reason I cannot make it to the pool when the kids aren't in school. To be honest I only figured out the vacation swim schedule with 2 days left to go in the holiday. I'm slow like that.

But today I'm back into the pool in a few hours. It was supposed to be tomorrow but tomorrow we're scheduled to be having one of our day's of winter. So it will be cold (cool) so instead I'll swim today and run tomorrow.

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