Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Bad mango tree - parte due (part 2 maybe it means that not actually sure)

Last year I wrote a post about my horrible allergic reaction to the sap on our mango tree.

It turns out that I'm allergic to almost everything about this ridiculous tree. I can eat the fruit but I am getting to the point where I have so much angst against it that I may boycott the stupid fruit on principal.

I have known for a few years that I am allergic to the blooming mango trees. There was a singular mango tree near our house in the grove and I would sneeze when I ran by it. After about 1000 incidents of this I figured out it wasn't a coincidence. But a sneeze here and there isn't a big deal actually.
This is our offending mango blooming tree. My neighbor has about 12 in her yard and there are at least 2 other clusters of about 15-20 trees within a 3-4 block radius.

Fast forward about 7 years I move to Pinecrest which I think was possibly one giant mango farm about 50 years ago. The trees are all over. Plus I'm further from the ocean (by about a mile) and so the ocean breeze which usually keeps the pollen low in Miami isn't really strong enough here to help. I knew the suburbs were inherently bad.

I feel like crap. 3-4 weeks ago I had so much pressure in my head I was dizzy. I thought I had a cold and went to the doctor who gave me antibiotics but also suggested trying zyrtec or claritin. I realized it was the zyrted making a big difference and slowly (I'm dense) I realized it might not be a cold but an allergy.

In my little run loop I noticed that the mango trees were starting to bloom and I realized that could be the problem. My body not accustomed to this tropical tree interprets it's pollen as an attack of poison and produces mucous to flush it out. Oh boy do I wish it didn't.

How do I know it's allergies and not a cold. Well I guess I don't but I thin it is because of a few things. One it never ends. This would be a really long time to have a head cold. Two I am sneezing like a maniac. Three my eyes are red and itchy. Four ... did I not include the picture of the 20 foot tall wall of yellow pollen known as just one stupid mango tree? :-)

My son is also a giant snot ball. There are other trees blooming, oak trees, and lots of other things. There is so much pollen flying around that the cars are covered in a light yellow dust. But interestingly my husband (Mr. Allergy) and my daughter (who is clearly perfect) are fine.

Also random point of interest to me and me alone: I had been avoiding swimming because of the heavy head feeling and dizzyness but Monday when I swam I felt better. I'm swimming again today so we'll see if it's helpful again. 

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