Wednesday, February 5, 2014

I swam!

I swam today. Only 45 minutes but still I got into the pool.

Last week I avoided the pool because I have this head cold that came with a whacked case of occasional vertigo when I turned my head from side-to-side. But I will admit that during the entire week I felt a little bit like I was wimping out.

I committed that this week I would swim everyday. But then Sunday was the Super Bowl and also my head cold commanded that I go to the doctor. 

Yesterday I was still concentrating on breathing so no swimming. But today was swimming. 

After about 40 minutes I was feeling a little dizzy and I spent another minute or two trying to decide if it was my cold or just lack of swim fitness. Then I did one more 50 and at the turn I totally got turned around top to bottom and had a moment of freak out. 

And so I got out. And took a minute or 5 to settle down. And then I gave myself a pass for not coming last week because vertigo in the water is not fun - at all.

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