Monday, February 24, 2014

One month to maratona di Roma

One month to go. I guess I'm ready. 

I ran 16 miles on Saturday which was a long run. It was made longer by my running partner being injured so I ran alone.

All alone. For 16 miles. There was definitely a mental part of that for sure. My teammates met me at the end for a quick open water "swim." The quotes are there because I just did a quick dunk while they swam. Swimming after a long run is a recipe for leg cramps so I didn't do that.

I also really swam once. I was supposed to swim twice but scheduling didn't work out for the second swim. Oops.

And I did 2 bike sessions. Including the Sunday ride.

It was a full week of workouts. 

Sort of right after this marathon I'm signed up for a massive swim. It's a little freaking me out so there should be a lot more swimming coming up pretty quick.

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