Sunday, March 30, 2014

All Roads lead to Rome -- I'm back ... mostly

Super quick update.
These are my training buddies Jim and Doug during our shake out run the day before the marathon. Very cool to be running around the relics. Notice the beautiful weather!

I'm still sort of reeling from the recent trip to Rome. It was a great trip and I'll give more details shortly but sadly I was hit with food poisoning on the last night.

My husband always teases me about my weird food rules when I travel - I only drink bottled water even if I'm somewhere "safe" like Italy or Chicago for the first few days or even the whole trip which he thinks is silly. But I've learned from experience that my stomach isn't as bold a traveler as the rest of my body so I follow my little quirks and even that wasn't enough this time. I think it was a dish of risotto porcini that did me in. But I'll never really know. 

It was an ugly, horribly mess of a night and a loooong flight home. But to be honest I was pretty happy to actually make the flight since in the middle of the night that hadn't seemed like it was remotely possible. And I'm not quite even eating yet and let's see we're almost at 36 hours and I'm still eating bread (not even toast), and ginger ale.


But it's still nice to be home. It's always nice to be home.

More later -

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