Monday, March 10, 2014

The Rome Marathon is in two weeks

I write this post as I'm currently skipping today's workouts.

I'm not really that lazy I did play 1.5 hours of tennis today but that's not really a "workout" as much as it is social time. But I'm tired from my weekend and to be perfectly honest I kind of need Monday as a get organized day. Today I'm supposed to run 7 miles and swim 3000 yards and that's just going to have to happen another day this week.

There is actually a reason I'm taking today off (two actually) the first is I'm tired. It was hard to wake up this morning and I don't feel terribly peppy. Which sometimes I'll push through and sometimes I listen and rest. The second is I need to stretch. The entire right side of my body is all tightened up from my shoulder to the bottom of my foot, including my hip and my calf. I felt it during the Saturday long run and yesterday's bike ride. Enough that I didn't run after the ride and today I'm foam rolling and stretching. I know ... me who never stretches. And drinking lots of water. And eating my veggies. Eating the veggies isn't really related to the stretching but I think it is a good thing to do :-)
short and semi-quick ride yesterday. 2 hours and we saw the 20 a few times on the old speed-o-meter.

In just 2 weeks I'll be in Rome
It feels like it should be farther away. But it's not. It's time to start thinking about packing and vacationing and making goals and whatnot. I have a plan for caring for the guinea pigs while we're gone without relocating them and that's about it actually.

Let's start the goal speak. My marathon PR is almost 3 years old.  (4:33 which I'm proud of thank you very much). This is the first standalone marathon I've run in over 2 years.  I haven't done any lead up races I'm not really sure what to think about that.  When I ran NY I had done all kinds of lead up tempo runs and stuff so I was more confident and solid in what I could do. Also I have to be realistic I know zippo about this course and whether it's a hard one or not. And I have to admit I'm about 5-6 lbs heavier than when I ran NY which does play a part in how fast one can push the legs. Plus there's the whole travel / jetlag / cobblestone wildcard.

And in the end it's the only time I'm going to run this race I want to have fun and post a good time without stressing out and being miserable. So I'm thinking about that. Just thinking though. I'll give more details in a few days I guess.


  1. You sound kind of down. We don't know each other, but feeling pretty apprehensive myself. Thinking obsessively about what to pack, what I'll need, and a realization of just how long 26.2 miles really is. Checking the weather every hour, too, and of course, wondering if I'm ready. If I can get within an hour of your PR, I'll be thrilled. Best of luck to you e hai un buon viaggio!

    1. I think that daylight savings kind of made me cranky. But I am actually very excited for the trip and the race. I was making a packing list (in my head) just today. And I checked the weather too. Are you traveling by yourself? We should make plans to try and connect.

  2. Now the forecast has improved. Relieved about that. Yes, going by myself and leaving Wednesday evening. I'm staying at the Hotel Lancelot . I think a British marathon tour group is staying.there. Sure, would be fun to connect