Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Are you a fooler?

If basketball players are called Ballers (a silly moniker if you ask me) then are April fools pranksters called Foolers? Probably not.

My kids were super excited about April Fool's Day yesterday.

They are 10 and 7 years old.

They got it into their heads that they wanted to fake injuries for school. An idea I was only sort of behind. I'm not a big fan of pretending you have an injury because really being injured is such a rotten deal. Would hate to "karmically" taunt an actual injury. But it was their idea so we went with it. My daughter wore a sling and my son had his wrist wrapped up with brown athletic tape. I told them they couldn't use the "prank" to get out of any work and they should tell their teachers the truth early. We also sent in homemade Brown"e"s for the teachers.

I'm not a huge fan of true pranks so that was the extent of our April Fools day. How about you?

March Totals
2014 Swim 8750 yards, Bike 152.83 miles and Run 104.39
2013 Swim 9610 yards, Bike 255.86 miles and Run 60.81 miles

So what's good about this is that my swim volume isn't that much off from last year when I had an IM to prepare for in just a few months. I remember feeling like I was swimming a ton last year and this year I feel like I haven't swam much so that means that perception is just perception. In fact - last year in March I had a half-iron and I had a good swim result.

The bike/run split from year to year is I think just the push for run volume.

What's up next for me?
I am registered for an absolutely insane swim event April 19th. A 5k open water swim at Swim Miami. That's just nutty.

I am not ready for this swim especially seeing as I could only swim about 45 minutes yesterday before I wanted to puke. Perhaps still recovering from my stomach stuff. Perhaps just really out of swim shape. So lots of swimming coming up. And I'll be upfront it's not impossible that I won't swim this event. We'll see how the swimming progresses.

my new suit. From splish. To motivate me to swim more.
Last thing that's coming up. More Roma photos up next. Just travel photos though.

Have a good week!

What's the longest you've ever swum  - in a pool or open water? 
For me of course it was the 2.4 mile Ironman swim.

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