Monday, April 28, 2014

High Five, Low Five, Five, Five, Five

Five weeks to go until Ironman 70.3 Raleigh

Five months to go until Ironman Chattanooga

Amazingly, I'm not really freaking out right now. So that's good. Life is hectic but just with boring normalcy (just exactly the way I like it). That usually helps a little bit in keeping the freak out at bay.

Training is progressing well I think. I'm actually not concerned about the distance at Raleigh which feels good although my legs were very fatigued at the end of the training ride yesterday and it was just about 50 miles. But I think it's cumulative training fatigue from the week plus my nutrition was not spot on.
swim volume down, bike and run volume up. Other = tennis :-)
So all in all a good start to triathlon training for the first tri of the year. Perhaps not my best use of common sense to make my first race of the tri season a 70.3 ... but oh well.

Since I'm confident in completing the distance at this point my hope is to perform well at the 70.3. Well is of course a relative term. My long standing goal for a 70.3 race is to finish in 5h30minutes. I have never really come close but it continues to be my goal. Everything will have to go really well from weather to nutrition for me to make that happen.

It's too far out from the Choo Choo to make a goal there.

Here are some things I've been wondering this weekend?

Does anybody upgrade to the premium Training Peaks and if so why? I clearly have the free version if you couldn't tell from my question.

Are triathlon camps worthwhile? I found a tri camp in Chattanooga at the end of July. Called MPI Training Camp. It would be an expensive weekend but I'm wondering if it's worthwhile to go train on the course? Driving it's about a 12 hour drive each way. Flying with a bike ... annoying each way. Thoughts? I also found just an open water swim race there in June.

Do you know about the stingray shuffle? A much more famous blogger than yours truly was stung by a stingray in Tampa. You can read about it here. Luckily he's doing fine. It's actually a timely reminder for me to remind my kiddos to shuffle in the water. The stingray shuffle is just shuffling your feet as you walk through shallows as you stir up the sand any rays resting should just swim off without stinging you. They are pretty gentle but like all wildlife ... wild.

If you accidentally step on them they will sting you. I've never been stung. While it's not a normal occurrence in Florida it's common enough that I know people who have been stung. It's good to be close to a hospital because the toxins can cause big trouble. I know a woman who was in ICU for about a week after being stung while out boating (meaning they weren't near a hospital). And of course there was the crocodile guy who died when he was stung in the heart which I think has got to be really rare.

I took  my kiddos to the beach last week and I didn't remind my kiddos about the shuffle and we have seen a ray there. I'm super surprised that nobody who was near him on the beach thought stingray but maybe it's a local thing.

Did you see this guy Swimming with Dolphins?
So many people are saying these dolphins were protecting this guy from Sharks. Could be although sharks to my limited knowledge hunt dolphins.  It is good that he wasn't eaten by a shark. I think it would be cool but also very freaky. Dolphins are huge and strong. I have only swum with them in a tourist setting.

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